Featured Project: SPAWARCEN

Project: Communications and Convergent Technology Support for Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWARCEN)
Company: Ki, LLC
Challenge: Develop technical specification for High Speed Transport Networks
Clients: United States Navy


Ki, LLC provides a wide range of information, engineering and installation support to the Navy.  With over 400 Task Orders Annually, Ki, LLC has a proven track record of excellent program management and engineering and installation support services. 

Ki engineers and technicians work closely with the SPAWAR East Coast Chief Engineer in the development of technical specification for High Speed Transport Networks. Ki installs and performs network management for the High Speed Global Ring and Teleport and Integrated Access Device (IAD) architectures. This work includes training, site administration and post installation site support.

Ki analyzes, develops, tests, and supports Naval telecommunication C4I infrastructures and migration strategies including global NOC-to-NOC router communications; NOC-to-NOC restoral capabilities; and global network management of all core, edge, and Simple Network Management Protocols (SNMP)-enabled network devices Ki is also assisting the Navy team in developing, designing, installing, and testing the Transport Test and Integration Complex (TTIC).