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Stan Fleming’s Back!

Stan Fleming

Stan has rejoined NANA after an 18 month absence. His previous roles with NANA included serving as president of NANA operating and management companies and leading company strategy. He has returned as senior vice president of strategic development, responsible for helping NANA’s board and leaders develop a strategic plan for growth.

Stan has more than 25 years of experience in government contracting, revenue creation and business development and expansion. He has held positions of president, CEO and strategist for other corporations. He retired from the U.S. Air Force after 21 years of service – 15 years of active duty and six years in the reserves – and lives in Colorado Springs where he received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Air Force Academy. He holds a master’s degree in systems management from the University of Southern California.

Stan and his wife of 30 years, Denise, grew up together in Mississippi. They have three children and four grandchildren (with a 5th on the way).


Message from Stan: NANA’s growth in the last 18 Months

It’s a tremendous privilege for me to be back with NANA Development Corporation (NDC). I was away for 18 months, and one of the benefits of being gone is that you quickly see how much has changed and how many awesome things have been accomplished during that time away.

For example:

  • NOSI now has 1.2 million gallons of fuel storage on the North Slope and a new trucking division
  • Pegasus has moved south and is now at both SFO and LAX
  • Piksik provided film services on location on the glaciers in Alaska for several nationally recognized commercials
  • NANA now has a subsidiary in Australia
  • Akima is now the sole management platform (consolidated from three to one) overseeing a billion dollars in federal contracting
  • GIS has been integrated into the NANA family
  • DOWL HKM is no longer part of the NANA family
  • Over 1,600 NANA shareholders received a paycheck from NANA, its affiliates or its partners last year, and almost $60 million in wages were paid to our shareholders
  • Over $3.5 million was contributed to the Aqqaluk Trust and 340 shareholders received $780,000 in scholarships this past year
  • We crossed the half billion dollar threshold in 7(i) payments to other regional corporations in Alaska
  • We grew revenues by $278 million in 2012

I smile at this list knowing that it’s only a few of the many things that were accomplished. I also stand in awe of all of our team members across all of our NANA companies that worked so hard to make this happen.

As I look at this list, I naturally think back over the last decade to our NDC and operating company board meetings where the dreams of doing these types of things were discussed and the steps to do them were put in motion. I remember Charlie Curtis dreaming of the day when the Aqqaluk Trust was so large that every one of our shareholders who wanted to go to school or get training could be fully funded through scholarships. I remember former board member, Lester Hadley saying we needed to grow rapidly in our federal contracting companies because the preferences that allowed us to participate and grow in federal programs would eventually be taken away by adversaries who would never understand or accept how important those preferences were. I remember chairman of the board, Luke Sampson talking about what it would take to provide real economic impact to our shareholders and our villages. I remember board discussions focused on growing in Alaska, expanding to the lower 48, and going international. And I remember board discussions setting aggressive growth expectations in shareholder jobs, with an emphasis on shareholder wages, because that’s where the real benefit results.

As I look at this list and trace each action back to board meetings in the past, I see so clearly the purposeful discussions that led to courageous decisions that precipitated the aggressive steps which led to the results above. That’s very special, and each of you has played an important role in that.

My job now is to orchestrate the discussion and document the plan to guide us in our next phase of growth in both revenues and income. I’ll be working closely with our NDC Staff and our operating company leadership to understand the realm of possibilities for the future based on where we are today, and I’ll merge that with the dreams and priorities of our board as we envision where we will be tomorrow.

I believe that all of us, working together, can meet the challenges and seize the opportunities as we work toward a bright future for NANA and its shareholders.

Stan Fleming
Senior Vice President, Strategic Development
NANA Development Corporation

Each month NANA Development Corporation will feature a message from a different member of the NANA Family of Companies leadership team.


NANA’s 2013 Annual Meeting

By Tirrell Thomas

On March 18 Helvi Sandvik, the NANA Development Corporation president, was able to visit her hometown of Kiana, Alaska to for the 2013 Annual Meeting. Sandvik along with NDC Chairman Luke Sampson presented the results of NDC’s business operations.

NDC had a successful year despite the economic instability in the country. NDC’s revenue is still on the rise due to continued strategic resource development,, stock investments and business development.

Some of those highlights were:

  • GIS continues to be a solid addition to the NANA Family of companies, offering opportunities and training shareholders in Louisiana in the oil and gas field.
  • NANA Construction had one of its highest grossing years building remote camp modules for the North Slope.
  • NANA’s shareholder intern program was successful last year with 33 interns placed among 12 companies, and this year looks like it will be even more successful with more than 45 applicants so far.
  • The consolidation of companies in the federal sector has allowed for a more streamlined, effective approach to earning federal work contracts.

“As a native corporation we do more than any other privately held corporation, because of who our shareholders are,” Sandvik said. “We are here to improve the lives of our shareholders.”

Now, with more than 13,000 NANA shareholders NANA has a larger responsibility to continue pursuing work and expanding our success.

“Over time, the larger we get, the more successful we are, the more we can give back to our shareholders,” Sandvik said.


Pegasus Partners with a Yakutia Air to Raise the Bar on Service

By Linda Close

Pegasus worked closely with Yakutia Air to develop critical processes and procedures for the airline’s operations in Anchorage.

Pegasus Aviation Services has a new customer in Anchorage: Yakutia Air, a company based in Yakutsk, Russia and new to Anchorage International Airport. After touring Pegasus’ facilities at the airport, Yakutia Air asked Pegasus to assist in establishing procedures in several areas. Pegasus developed a passenger handling program from the ground up that included working with Yakutia Air’s check-in system provider, Secure Flight services provider, catering companies, fuel companies, U.S. Customs, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Pegasus then drafted a cargo handling manual, developing all of the TSA-required forms for accepting cargo, and establishing training certifications and approvals. Pegasus also met with the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) on behalf of Yakutia Air for the initial assessment of the cargo program. Yakutia Air was approved to begin handling cargo after this assessment.

All of this was critical to Cessna Manufacturing in Wichita KS. For nearly a month, Cessna had tried to ship a windshield to Petropavlovsk, Russia to repair a plane that was grounded there. Establishing the routing for the windshield shipment to Anchorage, then on to Russia, while satisfying all of the TSA security regulations was complicated. According the Larry Gase, Cessna Citation Mustang Technician, “This trip could not have been possible without you [Pegasus] and your team’s help. I cannot express my gratitude enough for all of your hard work. I look forward to working with you in the future!”


Cazador Refurbishes Dover AFB Chapel Annex

Includes excerpts from ‘Air Force Print News’

Furnishings in the Dover AFB chapel annex were chosen by the Cazador team to help make families and dignitaries as comfortable as possible at a difficult time.

On Feb. 25, a new space for families of fallen soldiers was dedicated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware. The chapel annex, designed for families traveling to Dover to witness the dignified return of their loved ones, accounts for a third of the 19,343 square feet chapel. The Philadelphia District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, together with officials from the 436th Airlift Wing and Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations (AFMAO), participated in the ceremony.

The Cazador team procured and installed furnishings and equipment ranging from kitchen appliances to high-end furnishings in the family lounge and religious statuary. Working with more than 20 vendors, the Cazador team was faced with very tight deadlines. “The hand-carved religious statues were coming from Italy, which meant that they would have to clear Customs at one of the busiest times of the year,” recalls Ray Jenkins, senior project manager. “With a little bit of begging and arm twisting, we were able to get all of the items delivered and installed just in time for Christmas services.”


GIS Develops NANA Shareholders in the Gulf

Jaclynne Oyoumick

Adam Ferguson, a NANA shareholder from Kotzebue, was one of 20 shareholders who traveled to Galliano, La. this past summer to work for GIS, NANA’s new oil and gas company. Ferguson gained new skills working as a welder’s helper.

Employment is an opportunity, and at Grand Isle Shipyard, Inc. (GIS), two NANA shareholders born and raised in Kotzebue, Alaska have the opportunity to learn and grow in the oil and gas field. They now work for one of NANA’s oilfield services company based in Galliano, La., which currently employs seven NANA shareholders.

“I’m getting quality training because these guys, they know their stuff in the field. I’m working with the best at GIS,” Jason Kennedy, one of the shareholders currently living and working in Louisiana, said.

Kennedy began work as a shop helper for GIS and eventually completed tests to become a structural welder. He was a part of the first group of shareholders who were recruited and sent to Louisiana for training. He’s been working closely with the skilled welders and construction teams in the GIS fabrication shops.

David Nolton, a shareholder from Kotzebue, is a pipe welder for GIS and has been on board since January 2012. Nolton appreciates the support he receives from his co-workers at GIS, because living in a place where the culture is completely different from the one you grew up in, isn’t always easy.

“The shop that I work in—as soon as you walk in those doors—somebody is there to help you out when you need it,” Nolton said. “They make you feel good and at home.”

The efforts of recruiting and placing shareholders in Louisiana are done by NDC’s shareholder employment and development department. Tami Krukoff, SHED coordinator, says their efforts are paid off when companies get shareholder employees like Kennedy and Nolton. “They are really good examples of shareholders who want to succeed. They have a good attitude. We want people like that,” says Krukoff.

GIS was founded in 1948, and its services include fabrication facilities, onshore and offshore painting, offshore, onshore, plant construction and maintenance operations, and environmental services.

For information about employment opportunities or employability workshops at GIS, please contact Tami Krukoff at (907) 265-4361 or tami.krukoff@nana.com.

To see the GIS shareholder career development video, click here and check out the other NANA Development Corporation videos on YouTube.

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