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“Welcome to Your Building!”

At the NDC open house event for Anchorage-area NANA shareholders on February 21, Norma Jones, senior executive assistant of the NDC chief operating officer, visits with Willie Hensley, NANA’s first NDC president, and shareholder Chester Ballot.

NANA shareholders from the Anchorage area were invited to an Open House at NDC’s new Anchorage headquarters on Feb. 21. About 100 shareholders attended the after-work event.

After a blessing by Pastor and NRC Board Member Lowell Sage, NDC Board Chairman Luke Sampson shared the reasons the Board decided to combine four offices scattered all over Anchorage into one modern, functional building. “Most of our Anchorage staff is now in one location, so they don’t need to waste time driving across town to get things done,” said Sampson.

Sampson talked about the history of NANA guided by its Elders, the worldwide operations of NDC, and its many companies and employees. “It is in this building where work is being done, on your behalf, to grow our company,” said Sampson.

Since President Helvi Sandvik was traveling in the NANA region to meet informally with shareholders, Chief Operating Office Dave Márquez welcomed shareholders to their building. He talked about the positive response heard from Anchorage’s business community. “The mayor of Anchorage told me that he feels safer now that the NANA hunter is guarding the entrance to downtown Anchorage,” said Márquez. “It’s safer, more productive and more efficient for our employees to be together in one building.”

After his remarks, shareholders were offered tours of the building. They enjoyed seeing the photos from each of their villages on the walls, recognizing the faces of friends and family members. “This is who we are!” said one.

On the 6th floor, the new board room is named after the late Lester Hadley, Sr., a director of NANA Regional Corporation from 1986-2010 and vice chairman of NDC from 1999-2010. The first NDC board meeting in the new building was held on Feb. 8, and Sampson said “Lester would have liked this new place.”


WHPacific Gets Traffic Running Smoothly

With the new bridge, the normal flow of the creek is routed through one cell of the three culverts and the other two cells accommodate the occasional, but dramatic flood flows – just one aspect of the Dolarway Road project for which WHPacific was honored.

At the 2013 annual award banquet celebrating the “Best-in-State” projects in Bellevue, Washington, the ACEC Washington gave the “Silver Award for Future Value to Engineering Profession” to the Dolarway Road Project. Congratulations to the WHPacific team led by Mark Van Wormer along with Marc Servizi, Bob Doherty, Randy Templado, and Charles Cornwell. The team provided the City of Ellensburg with an innovative, cost-effective solution for the flooding and traffic related issues of Dolarway Road.

Dolarway Road is now a safe and reliable link between the City of Ellensburg’s downtown core and the redeveloping mixed-use area of West Ellensburg – a growing retail, commercial, agricultural, industrial, recreational, and residential area. The new bridge structure at Reecer Creek alleviates the frequent flooding that previously closed the road. With new sidewalks and bike lanes pedestrians and bicyclists now have safer passage to businesses, residents, recreation, and transit. Reliable and sustainable drainage facilities now convey and treat storm water effectively through the restored flood plain.

The Dolarway Road improvements project is an exemplary story of how the City of Ellensburg worked with community stakeholders to address their different but overlapping issues. By coordinating the construction of three separate projects in the area (the levee replacement, Dolarway Road improvements, and the Reecer Creek Floodplain Restoration), the City maximized the use of the available public funding. The results are highly satisfying to the residents of Ellensburg and proved economical to the City. The project was a true win-win scenario for the City, its residents, and the environment. The City of Ellensburg demonstrated outstanding stewardship and leadership in the state’s new normal while serving the greater public interests of the community.



Susan Wagonner: NGA’s Best Employee

Left to right: Derek Sentinella, AID Assistant Project Manager; Susan Waggoner, AID Grounds Maintenance Lead; Letitia Long, Director, NGA; and Wyman Skaggs, AID Workforce Manager.

Letitia Long, the director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), recently posted a question on the NGA intranet portal asking, “Who is the hardest working person at NGA?” Susan Wagonner, the Akima Intra-Data Grounds Maintenance Lead, was the overwhelming winner. Long praised Wagonner at a ceremony held at the NGA West – St. Louis campus on Dec. 19, 2012.

When asked how she felt about the recognition, Wagonner replied, “When one of the employees told me about the poll question, and that my name was mentioned, it was the nicest thing I’d heard. The employees I meet are always so nice, and they often comment on how nice the grounds look, which makes me happy.”

Akima has held the base operations support contract at this location since 1999 and has received recognition from the customer numerous times for outstanding performance. With nearly 200 employees working at the campus, Akima provides an extensive range of services to NGA.


Excerpted from a forthcoming issue of the Akima ‘Northern Lights’ newsletter.


TKC Global Team Showcases Women in High-Tech Roles

Cassi Shaw, TKC technical lead, was recently presented the “Air Force Network Integration Center Innovation Award” from the customer for her role in developing and providing training for a new migration process.

In a highly technical career field such as Information Technology (IT), it’s often uncommon to find women filling team lead and technical lead roles. According to a May, 2012 survey study published by The National Center for Women and Information Technology, “Women in IT: The Facts,” it is estimated that only 25 percent of IT positions are currently filled by women in the U.S. According to the same survey, while this trend may seem to be reversing in most skilled career fields in the U.S., the number of women in IT continues to decline. Fortunately, TKC Global’s AFNet Migration Team portrays a different picture of women in this highly technical field.

Forty-one percent of TKC Global’s IT System Engineers on this contract are women, supporting the United States Air Force (USAF) initiative to consolidate legacy IT infrastructure across all Air Force bases worldwide. Since TKC Global’s involvement in this initiative began, women have held key leadership and technical roles, including that of Team Lead for engineers who travel to all USAF bases to build and configure the IT infrastructure; Team Leads for the engineers conducting the migrations of all legacy e-mail and user accounts; and Team Lead for the engineers migrating all remaining legacy functional applications and systems and retiring legacy environments.


Excerpted from a forthcoming issue of the Akima ‘Northern Lights’ newsletter.


We Have a Winner!

Kevin Williams, winner of Akima’s newsletter naming contest, is presented a certificate of appreciation by Norma Hinds, LLNL project manager.

Thanks to nearly 200 employees’ suggestions, Northern Lights, Akima’s new company-wide newsletter, has a name. More than 500 suggestions were submitted by employees across the country in response to the newsletter naming contest. An overwhelming response!

After much consideration, the judging team selected the winning name, which in fact was submitted by seven employees. After a random drawing of those seven submitters, Kevin Williams was selected as our winner. Kevin is an employee of Akima Infrastructure Services, working at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in Livermore, CA.

The editorial focus of Northern Lights will be on the people of Akima-- project team commendations, awards, safety tips, community relations programs and other news. Of particular interest in will be “The Heart of Akima,” a column that highlights how Akima companies, departments and teams are helping local charities and their communities.


Excerpted from a forthcoming issue of the Akima ‘Northern Lights’ newsletter.


NANA’s Training to Compete in Olympic Feats

Charles “Chuck” Platt, working on one of the MRAP vehicles in the Ki maintenance facility at Fort Carson, Co. Platt is training to compete in three Olympic shooting events for the 2016 games.

This past year, through a series of life events, Charles Platt started training and competing in pistol shooting at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Co. Shooting was the first Olympic sport and has been in every Olympics since it started. To this day the first medals handed out at the summer games were shooting medals. The events Platt is training for are 25 meter standard pistol, 25 meter center fire pistol and 25 meter rapid fire pistol.

As part of shooting and training at the Olympic Training Center Platt has also become a certified Level 2 pistol coach, to go along with previously earned NRA certified pistol instructor and range safety officer. With these credentials Platt is also a volunteer coach for the junior shooting team program at the Olympic shooting range. He coaches ages 9 to 20 years of age how to properly and safely use, shoot and compete in international-style competitive shooting.

The Olympic Training Center has “dog and pony” shows for the sponsors of the Olympics, where they bring through 20 to 200 people from all over the world to showcase talent to potential sponsors like, Anheuser Busch, Rebook, Nike and many others. The coaches, junior shooters and resident shooting athletes of the Olympic Training Center are all part of the shows, so not only do they get to shoot at the Olympic shooting center, they get to meet both current and future Olympic athletes.

Platt has been with Ki’s Fort Carson contract since the project began in October 2005. Since that time he has worked as a heavy equipment mechanic, and was selected as the top applicant to be a quality control inspector. He is currently working as a motor vehicle mechanic, working on the MRAP/MATV family of vehicles. His responsibilities include maintaining this fleet of vehicles to a Fully Mission Capable status, enhancing the soldiers’ ability to maximize training and prepare for deployments in the interest of US Army goals.

“Chuck is a solid asset to Ki and our logistics support mission at Fort Carson,” said Michael Johnson, the Project Manager for Ki.

Platt’s goal while participating with the Olympic Shooting Team is to successfully qualify in the State and Regional events. He hopes that successes at these levels of competition will lead to a position on the US team that will compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil.


Employee Safety Perception Surveys are Coming Soon!

Robert Bulger, Vice President – Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality

Soon, managers across NANA will present all employees with a safety perception survey from the National Safety Council. These confidential surveys are designed to help NANA understand the culture and our strengths and weaknesses concerning safety. National Safety Council’s Safety Barometer survey provides an overall assessment of our safety program, identifies problem areas, and prioritizes opportunities for improvement. The Safety Barometer survey includes 50 agree/disagree items on a 5-point scale covering senior management leadership and commitment, supervisory engagement, employee involvement, safety programs and activities, and safety and organizational climate.

We expect the surveys to be distributed within the next 45 days. We are hoping for 100 percent participation, so please help all of us out by completing your survey as soon as you receive it at work!

Thanks for helping to make NANA one of the safest companies to work for in the United States.

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