Students Find Great Value
in Internships
Andrea Iqitqiraq Itivliq Adams
Hometown: Noatak, Alaska
School: Sophomore, accounting, University of Alaska Anchorage
Internship: Accounting, NDC, Anchorage, Alaska
"I am amazed at how much I learned."

Tim Aqukkasuk Argetsinger
Hometown: Kotzebue, Alaska
School: Master’s candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Education, emphasis in education policy and management
Internship: Governmental Affairs, NANA Regional Corporation, Kotzebue
"I’d like to earn a doctorate in education and live in our region."

Stefanie Armstrong
Hometown: Kotzebue
School: Junior, civil engineering with a minor in mathematics, University of Alaska Anchorage
Internship: WHPacific Transportation, engineering intern, Anchorage
"This job makes me want to pursue several different degrees simultaneously."

Kolaiah Baker
Hometown: Anchorage
School: Sophomore, mechanical engineering, University of Alaska Anchorage
Internship: NANA Construction, mechanical estimator in the estimation department, Anchorage
"NANA is providing me an opportunity to get a glimpse at what it really is like to be an engineer."

Mabel Baldwin-Schaeffer
Hometown: Kiana, Alaska
School: Senior, environmental studies, University of Alaska Anchorage
Internship: Sivuniq, environmental scientist/engineering intern; Anchorage
"Actual experience is what employers look for when hiring new grads."

Christopher Black
Hometown: Kotzebue
School: Junior, business administration; Haskell Indian Nations University
Internship: Akima Management Services; contracting, procurement, Federal Acquisition Regulations and 8(a) regulations; Charlotte, N.C.
"After school, I would love to work for NANA."

Angie Coffin
Hometown: Noorvik, Alaska
School: Junior, accounting; University of Alaska Anchorage
Internship: NDC, Accounting and Financial Standards and Controls departments, Anchorage
"The internship allows me to network with NANA shareholder and business professionals."

Alan Conwell
Hometown: Kotzebue
School: Junior, business administration; University of Alaska Anchorage
Internship: Akima DTSV, human resource generalist/intern; Alexandria, Va.
"It’s been a great experience being away from home."

Laresha Curtis
Hometown: Kotzebue
School: Junior, business administration, Johnson C. Smith University
Internship: Kisaq, LLC, marketing and proposal intern; Carlsbad, Calif.
"I believe NANA is preparing for my future."

Frank Dayo
Hometown: Kotzebue
School: Sophomore, construction management; University of Alaska Anchorage
Internship: Kisaq-RQ; general contracting, project engineering and construction management intern, Carlsbad
"This internship has done so much for me."

Kim Frey
Hometown: Anchorage
School: Sophomore, electrical engineering; University of Alaska Anchorage
Internship: WHPacific, electrical engineering, Anchorage
"This is a huge opportunity that NANA has provided for me and other interns."

Stephen Hansell
Hometown: Anchorage
School: Freshman, civil or mechanical engineering; University of Alaska Anchorage
Internship: DOWL HKM, Civil Engineering Department intern, Anchorage
"I love working out in the field and doing inspections and seeing how the engineers help the clients in getting their plans out."

Amber Harris
Hometown: Anchorage
School: Sophomore, human services; Alaska Pacific University
Internship: AKIMA, human resources intern; Alexandria
"This internship has changed my mind about what I want to do in the future."

Cory Jackson
Hometown: Anchorage
School: Sophomore, psychology with a minor in paralegal, University of Alaska Anchorage
Internship: NDC, Legal Department records analyst intern, Anchorage
"Hopefully I can one day become a full-time employee."

LaTia Jackson
Hometown: Kiana
School: Sophomore, biology with a minor in philosophy, North Park University
Internship: Akima Infrastructure Services, LLC; Air Force multimedia development; Hampton, Va.
"I plan to work for NANA and be a positive role model for other students from the NANA region."

Tracy Porter
Hometown: Scio, Oregon
School: Graduated with a B.A. in business marketing and a minor in Spanish, Southern Oregon University
Internship: Qivliq, marketing intern; Herndon
"Working with Qivliq in the federal sector has opened my eyes to a whole new world of business."

Richard Reuben
Hometown: Kotzebue
School: Freshman, physician assistant; University of Minnesota at Morris
Internship: Akima Management Services, Information Technology Department intern, Charlotte
"I want to move back home to Alaska and provide services to our people."

Sierra Sampson
Hometown: Kiana
School: Freshman, physical science focus; Alaska Christian College
Internship: NDC, IT Department intern, Anchorage
"NANA is providing me with excellent experience in the work field."

Mike Scanlan
Hometown: Anchorage
School: Graduate, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management, University of Alaska Anchorage
Internship: Truestone Communications, Government IT project management intern, Herndon
"The past 6 weeks have been such a great eye opening experience for me."

Tirrell Thomas
Hometown: Kotzebue
School: Senior, Journalism and Public Communications, University of Alaska
Internship: NDC, Communications and Marketing Department intern, Anchorage
"I love it here."

Nancy Westbury
Hometown: Selawik, Alaska
School: Freshman, accounting, American Military University
Internship: Akima Management Services, business management intern, Charlotte
"Being an intern has drastically changed my life."

Forrest Williams
Hometown: Kiana
School: Junior, engineering with a minor in mathematics, Fort Lewis College
Internship: Qivliq, LLC, Finance Department intern; Herndon
"The internship will hopefully open new doors for my career."

Other Interns
Christopher Madison, Sophomore, NANA WorleyParsons intern, Anchorage
Stephanie Sampson, Freshman, DOWL HKM intern, Anchorage
Alexis Savage, Freshman, Qivliq intern, Herndon
Nicholas Shellabarger, Senior, NDC Business Operations, Anchorage
Brianna Triplett, Freshman, NANA Regional Corporation and WHPacific, Remote Alaska

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