Utukkuu Challenge Raises $9000 for Aqqaluk trust


First Annual Snow Golf Challenge a success 

On Friday March 5th, the Aqqaluk Trust held its 1st Annual Utukkuu Snow-Golf Challenge. 

The event, a combination of golf & Inupiaq culture, was uniquely Alaskan! 14 teams of 3 braved the winter cold to test their snow- golf skills with handicaps, such as wearing Eskimo Snow goggles and fur over-mitts to putt the ball. After two rounds of golf, participants gathered together to test their skills at a Harpoon Hole-in-One contest

Everyone involved, participants and volunteers alike, had a blast and the smiles on their faces were proof that having a good time on the greens is not exclusive to summer time!

Bradley Reid & Associates tied with NANA Pacific for best score.  The tie was broken in a very unconventional but fun way; a harpoon toss between Joe Mathis of NANA Pacific and John Tracy of Bradley Reid.  Bradley Reid’s Tracy won the harpoon toss, earning the distinction of the 2010 Utukkuu Snow Golf Master for he and his team. 

After the Harpoon Hole-in-One contest an awards ceremony took place to honor the winners, draw door prizes.  The event was about having fun and raising funds to empowering the Inupiat people through language, culture & education.  

The Aqqaluk Trust raised over $9000 with this inaugural event and has big plans for increasing that number with  next year’s Utukkuu Snow Golf Challenge. The 2011 event will take place March 4th, - so be sure to mark your calendars.

For more information or to sign up early for next year contact Sarah Hobart at (907)441-9928 or sarah.hobart@nana.com  


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