Gas prices in Alaska

Alaskans are struggling everyday to pay for the high costs of fuel. In fact, we are facing some of the highest gas prices in the entire country. Help Senator Begich tell Alaska’s story to the rest of the country by sharing photos of what you’re paying at the gas pump.

Senator Begich knows Alaskans face some of the highest gas prices in the nation, particularly in rural communities. In an effort to lower gas prices and improve America’s energy security and independence Senator Begich has:

Proposed the Family Account to Save on Transportation (FAST) Act. The bill would provide relief from high gas prices for two years by allowing consumers to set aside pre-tax dollars from their paycheck to spend on gas, much like a medical savings account.

Continued to work with Republicans and Democrats to develop a comprehensive national energy plan which would develop new sources of renewable and non-renewable resources, improve efficiency standards and harness Alaska’s energy potential.

Advocated for increased domestic production of oil and natural gas to protect America’s energy prices from international turmoil through responsibe development of Alaska’s Outer Continental Shelf, the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska and building the Alaska natural gas pipeline.

Supporting the development and use of renewable energy resources to heat our homes, power our appliances and fuel our vehicles.

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