Red Dog Mine good for Alaska

My name is Ralph Angasan Sr.; I am the president of the Alaska Peninsula Corp., a village corporation within the Bristol Bay Native Corporation region. I support the NANA Corporation's efforts to continue the business operation of the Red Dog Mine.

NANA has been the only sustaining economic driver for our village corporation during the years when we needed cash flow. NANA pays other regional corporations 62 percent of their revenues. APC receives a share from our regional corporation, Bristol Bay Native Corporation. BBNC pays 50 percent of revenues they get from NANA to village corporations in their region. We encourage other regional corporations to do the same and work to develop their own potential resource development, such as mining.

Resource development companies hire a vast majority of workers from local communities and are the major contributors to the residents of these typically rural villages. Environmentally conscious mines, such as Red Dog, develop the resources and at the same time protect the local subsistence way of life.

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