NANA Provides Job Training/Employment for Shareholders

NANA Provides Job Training and Short-Term Employment for Rural Alaskans

Out-of-state opportunity for NANA shareholders to earn a paycheck, prepare for summer subsistence harvest

Out-of-state opportunity for NANA shareholders to earn a paycheck, prepare for summer subsistence harvest New skills and on-the-job training; that is what more than 90 Alaska Native Corporation shareholders, predominately from the NANA Region, will receive this week. It is part of a partnership between NANA Development Corporation and Turner Industries; a Baton Rouge based industrial maintenance/turnaround/construction company.

After completing five days of safety and skills training in Anchorage, the workers head to Gonzales, Louisiana for two weeks of work removing and replacing catalysts and providing maintenance services in a petrochemical plant. NANA will provide the workers transportation to and from their hometown, lodging, ground transportation, meals and compensation while they are training in Anchorage and working in Louisiana. Workers have an opportunity to take their earnings back to their village to help prepare for the summer subsistence harvest season.

“This is about providing people from our state and in the NANA Region the opportunity to learn, earn and grow,” says NANA Development Corporation Vice President Clyde Gooden. “Anytime we can teach people a trade and build a relationship that can help create opportunities for our business and help the Alaskan economy it’s a good thing.”

Turner Maintenance Manager David Eastridge says, “This is the second time we have partnered with NANA in this capacity. We see it as a win–win.” He continues, “NANA brings trained workers to help our company and also grow the economy in Louisiana by using local hotels, caterers and ground services. Everybody wins.”

The workers leave Alaska and head to Gonzales April 9th. The 90 plus workers will receive training here in Anchorage at the University Lake SpringHill Suites through Friday, April 9th.

All workers go through extensive personal protective safety training as well as site specific job training, and have in depth background checks monitored by US Homeland Security.

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