NANA Oilfield Services Company Opens New Facility on North Slope

It’s not just a new building; it’s the foundation for the next five decades of NANA Oilfield Services Inc. (NOSI) business on the North Slope.

NANA celebrates the new NOSI Operations Center with the opening of  its bay doors to the Arctic breeze, Friday, June 18. NOSI is a distributor of jet A and B aviation fuel, diesel, heating fuels and gasoline. The company also delivers drilling fluids and potable water to camps all over the North Slope.

“NANA is investing in a new facility of this size to support our NOSI operations.  It is a tremendous boost for the company. It will allow us to park all our equipment inside at the end of each day, reduce operational costs, and ease wear on our vehicles,” says Fred Smith, the president of NOSI. “All of these things position us to continue to provide safe, reliable service to our customers.”

The 140 x 80 feet center houses six bay shops to keep NOSI’s work vehicle sheltered from the harsh winter environments. Company offices are transferring to the new facility as well. 

This new building goes beyond work bays and office suites. It allows for more safety training for employees working on the Slope in its multi-purpose meeting room.

“Value to our customers and opportunity to our shareholders,” that is what NANA Development Corporation president, Helvi Sandvik, says about the new center. “It’s extremely gratifying to invest in our future. This new facility built to create a stronger business and presence on the Slope. We have been working towards this day for a long time.”

NANA Oilfield Services, Inc. has been working on the North Slope for 35 years and supplies quality services to not only Prudhoe Bay but to Red Dog Mine as well. 


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