NANA College Support Program: Brianna Kirk

60821391546876Brianna.jpgNANA’s College Support Program had a successful 2013 summer session. Part of the success was due to interns such as Brianna Kirk.

Kirk is a NANA shareholder from Noatak, Alaska. She spent her time off from school in Virginia working as the marketing intern for Affigent.  Headquartered in Herndon, Va., Affigent is an industry-leading small business that provides IT solutions.

Since selecting a minor in business while at college, Kirk’s classes have become more focused on skills she learned while working for Affigent, such as marketing. Kirk also contributes her growing independence to her internship experience.

“The internship this summer was my actual first real job, so it helped me learn to be a lot more responsible and learn about time management. It taught me a lot that I can put towards school and work balance life,” Kirk said.

Another huge aspect of her time in Virginia was learning more about NANA.

“For me (the most important thing) was the learning experience and understanding what really goes on in NANA’s corporate world. I learned so much about NANA that I never knew about before; and its subsidiaries. It definitely taught me a lot and something I want to look into more,” she said.

Getting out of Alaska for her internship made for a totally new environment for Kirk then she was used to. From that, she built meaningful relationships with people on the opposite side of the country.

“What made me enjoy my internship was getting to know a lot of the people there and talking to them about what they do; their lifestyles there compared to this side, in Alaska, and all the experiences that I got to share and their interest in what we do,” Kirk said.

Now back in school at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and playing for the women’s basketball team, Kirk won’t forget about her internship in Virginia this past summer. In fact, she feels that more shareholders could benefit from the program and hopes that it will be promoted more.

“I think it’s amazing, I had the time of my life; one of my greatest learning experiences and it’s something I will look back and value,” she said.

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