Intern-To-Intern 2015: Nate Minor

The sixth in a series. Communications intern Kally Greene-Gudmundson interviews our 2015 summer interns.


Nate Minor is interning for AKIMA in the IT department in the Herndon, Virginia office.

What is your Iñupiaq name? Who were you named after?

My Iñupiaq name is Pungalik. I was named after my great uncle.

Where are you from? Where did you grow up?

I was born in Anchorage, but my family moved to Georgia when I was five. My dad was in the military, so we moved around a lot.

What are your family ties to NANA?

I’m a shareholder. My mother (Louann Minor) and grandmother are also both shareholders. In fact, pretty much everyone on my mother’s side of the family is a NANA shareholder.

Who has inspired you? What is your favorite memory of this person?

Definitely my dad, Nathaniel Minor, Sr. He always provided for us, and worked so hard to make sure we were taken care of. I played a lot of sports growing up and through college. My dad only missed two or three of my football games. My favorite memory of him has to be whenever I would look up into the stands and see him there, supporting me.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

Well, growing up in the south being an Eskimo is the most surprising thing about me. I live in Atlanta, Georgia and people are always so fascinated with the fact that I’m an Eskimo.

Where are you going to school?

I just graduated last May from Georgia State University, in the heart of downtown Atlanta. The school alone had 35,000 people.

What did you study?

I just got my bachelors of business administration degree in computer information systems.

What was your first experience with NANA?

My first experience with NANA, and the NANA family, was through this internship. I’ve had the opportunity to meet other shareholders who still live in Alaska throughout the year, people who come from my culture, but aren’t in my direct family.

Have you interned with NANA before and if so, what was your position?

This is actually my first internship with NANA.

Who introduced the idea to work for NANA to you?

My dad did. He was looking around for jobs that my brother could take advantage of and found this opportunity. But instead of my brother, I applied.

What are your job responsibilities this summer?

I am interning for AKIMA in the IT Department in the Herndon, Virginia office.

My main responsibility is managing the SharePoint website for all of the intranet and extranet which is a secure network. I do things like provide information to the IT development team, as well as provide solutions to issues we may experience with SharePoint.

I’ve also had the opportunity to create SharePoint websites for different facilities and online surveys for our intranet.

By the way, SharePoint is a web application platform that we use as our employee portal. It’s used to create and manage all of our company subsites. It is a secure place for our NANA companies to store, organize, share and access information.

What goals do you hope to accomplish through your internship?

This is my first hands-on experience in my field, so I want experience I can add to my resume, real work experience that I will benefit from. I’m using all of this experience and information to mold myself in preparation for my career. I’m learning a lot in the process. 

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