Intern-To-Intern 2015: Louis Rasic

The third in a series. Communications intern Kally Greene-Gudmundson interviews our 2015 summer interns.


Meet Louis Rasic: Intern in the piping and design department at NANA WorleyParsons for the summer.

What is your Iñupiaq name and who were you named after?

My Iñupiaq name is Inuuraq. I was named after my grandfather on my mom’s side, Harry Inuuraq Yuktuna Norton Sr. He passed away when I was a baby so I really didn’t get to know him.

Where are you from?

I was born here in Anchorage and raised in Eagle River. I went to high school in Chugiak and graduated in 2004.

What are your family ties to NANA?

My grandma, Minnie Norton, is the main shareholder in my family. I’m a descendant via her and my mother, Dolly Norton, who is also a shareholder. My mother is definitely the jolly character of the family.

Who inspires you most? What is your favorite memory of that person?

This is a tough one. I would probably say my grandpa on my dad’s side, he was quite the poker player. He taught me how to play poker when I was really young as well as a number of other games. He was retired LAPD as well as Army, but was still a big teddy bear.

What would someone be surprised to know about you?

That I’m Louis Rasic II, and I didn’t know that myself until recently! Also, that I like handball. I’m a part of the Alaska State Handball Association. We’re going to the World Handball Championship in Calgary, Canada this year from August 11th through the 21st- I’m taking my whole family. Compared to teams in Ireland where the sport originated, we compete at C level, which is pretty good for Alaska.

What are you studying?

I’m going to school at the University of Alaska Anchorage. I’m majoring in mechanical engineering. This fall I’ll be coming into my senior year. I picked mechanical engineering as my degree because of my technical backgrounds as a Journeyman Gas-Fitter, so it was right up my alley. There are multiple types of Mechanical Engineers in many fields of work, such as: HVAC (Heating, Vacuum, and Air-conditioning), Automobile Industry, Piping and oil industry, or anything that has to do with machines or dynamic systems.

What was your first experience with NANA?

Getting the Aqqaluk trust scholarship was actually my first experience with NANA, before then I didn’t even know I was eligible. I am honored to be included in the NANA family.

Have you interned with NANA Before?

This is actually my first internship with NANA. It’s really nice working in the same field that I’m studying in.

Who introduced you to the idea to work for NANA?

I’d have to say the slew of emails I’d gotten on my University of Alaska account. I’ve applied to this particular internship several times before and finally got it this summer. My mother turned me onto the fact that I was a descendant and was applicable for the Aqqaluk Trust Scholarships.

What will your job responsibilities be this summer?

Right now I’m working in the Piping and Design department filling out requisitions and data sheets. The current project we’re working on is how to take coordinates of a pipe and their respective bends, and plug those coordinates into Excel, so we can get Excel to tell us what degree bend it is. It’s really difficult, because we already have bias by knowing what the bends are, so to take that and make the computer recognize it is definitely a challenge.

What goals do you hope to accomplish through your internship?

Well, getting some work study credits would be awesome but overall I’m here for the experience. If you have had job experience in the past, after you graduate it makes getting hired that much easier. If I had the opportunity to work for NANA again after graduation I would definitely take advantage of it!

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