Intern-to-Intern: Katy Culver

The fourth in a series. Communications intern Kally Greene-Gudmundson interviews our 2015 summer interns.


Meet Katy Culver: Intern in the NMS communications and marketing department for the summer.

What is your Iñupiaq name?

Kappiasruk. I was named after the late Kitty Flood who is my great-grandmother, my aana’s mom.  My aana was Ruth Sandvik.

Where are you from? Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised here in Anchorage. My family is from Kiana, and I go back at least once a summer.

What are your family ties to NANA?

My mom and all of her (six) siblings are shareholders. My two brothers and I are descendants.

Who has inspired you?

Without a doubt, my mother. I am blessed to have been raised by someone who works so hard in every aspect of her life. Her most inspiring quality is her desire to help anyone in need. If someone is struggling, she will drop everything she is doing to help.

What is your favorite memory of your mother?

My favorite memory of her was at our cabin when she chased a porcupine around the beach with a 2 x 4, because it was eating our cabin. Her method was really ineffective, but was hilarious to watch.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I love cookbooks. I own well over 100 at this point, which I’m sure seems really excessive. I really like to bake, and I like looking at all of the pictures.

Where are you going to college?

I attend Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. I wanted to be relatively close to home, and I really liked their academics.

What’s your major?

I am studying economics and political science. I was always interested in political science, so I knew it was something I wanted to study. It wasn’t until I took an introduction to economics class that I decided I was interested in that also. I figure they complement each other and can be applied to almost anything I do.

What year of school will you be coming into this fall?

I’ll be a senior, but I’ll be taking a fifth year to get my master’s degree. It’s really nice that I can stay at Gonzaga and continue my graduate work there, instead of having to seek out another school.

What was your first experience with NANA?

My earliest memory of NANA was getting to draw on the white boards at the old Benson building. I was maybe six or seven. While it seemed like so much fun for my brother and me, it was just a way for my mom to distract us so that she could get work done on the weekends.

Have you interned with NANA before and, if so, what was your position?

I interned with NANA Management Services last summer with the Human Resources Department.

Who introduced you to the idea to work for NANA to you?

My brother and my cousin had both interned for NANA while they were in college. I knew there were good opportunities, based off their experiences.

What are your job responsibilities as an intern?

This summer, I’m assisting with small and big projects in the NMS communications and marketing department. Right now, I’m working on an electronic bulletin board for the building which will be updated with the latest news and information.

What goals do you hope to accomplish through your internship?

Above all, I want to gain as much knowledge as I can. The larger wealth of knowledge you can learn from, the better—and internships help ensure you pursue an occupation in a field you enjoy. So, I’m really grateful for this opportunity. 

“NANA will improve the quality of life for our people”

NANA internships give students the opportunity to:

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  • Promote personal development.
  • Develop interpersonal and professional skills.

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