Intern-To-Intern 2015: Abraham Farrag

The seventh in a series. Communications intern Kally Greene-Gudmundson interviews our 2015 summer interns.


Abraham Ayyataŋaq Farrag, Business Administration Intern, Nakuuruq.

What is your Iñupiaq name? Who were you named after?

My Iñupiaq name is Ayyataŋaq. I was named to honor my grandfather, Ralph Ramoth, Sr. from Selawik.

Where are you from? Where did you grow up?

I was born in Anchorage, but our family moved to California when I was a one-year-old and we lived there until I was eight. After that, I spent a few years in Egypt. Since my dad is from there, he wanted me to learn the language and culture. From then until now, I’ve been living in Virginia.

What are your family ties to NANA?

My mom’s side of the family is all from Selawik. My aunt, Ruthie Ramoth-Sampson, helped develop the Iñupiaq translations for the Rosetta Stone (a language software program sponsored by NANA).

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

A lot of people don’t know that I’m Egyptian. I get a lot of questions about my ethnicity, especially when I’m in Virginia.

Where are you going to college?

At the University of Cincinnati.

What are you studying?


What year of school will you be coming into this fall?

I’ll be a junior, starting my third year of college. I’m on track to graduate in 2017.

What was your first experience with NANA?

Every time I visited Alaska, I’d stop in at the NANA offices and visit my aunts and uncles at their work place.

Have you interned with NANA before and if so, what was your position?

Last year, I was the marketing and communications intern with Affigent (in Herndon, Virginia).

Who introduced the idea of working for NANA to you?

My mom. She heard about the internship program when I was a freshman at college, and she encouraged me to apply.

What have your job responsibilities been this summer?

For me, it’s been mostly document support and social media. I just stared a new Twitter site that I help manage.

What goals do you hope to accomplish through your internship?

I guess I would say I want to gain office skills. Ideally, I would like to master those skills before I start my career, so I’ll be a little ahead of the curve.

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