2013 NANA College Support Program: Bo Ticket

85251387311820Bo2.JPGBo Ticket is a NANA Shareholder from Buckland, Alaska. He is also one of 36 individuals placed in the NANA College Support Program this past summer.

In his summer internship, Ticket worked for Carolyn Smith, director, operations at NANA Development Corporation in downtown Anchorage. As operations intern, Ticket worked on projects that included facilities management and reviewing alternative means of air travel for cost savings purposes.

Ticket found that the most interesting part of his internship was working with and doing projects for all of NANA Development Corporation’s management team. Also, getting to know who runs the corporation, how they run it and why they run it.

“I have known NANA has a big family, but I have learned everyone is close-knit, meaning their interactions within each department. Even if you are on the second floor you still get to interact with people on the sixth floor. It’s nice to see what’s going on in the business side of things,” Ticket said.

The summer program offered interns like Ticket to meet weekly with the shareholder employment and development department. They mingled with each other and listened to guest speakers present information such as options for scholarships and grants.

“This (internship) has added many great values and thoughts; that you can work for your corporation and meet new people, which can be a big impact on your life, showing you the way if you have any problems or complications; elaborate about careers that you may be interested in or they can open doors for you to become successful in a career field in their department,” he said.

During Ticket’s last week at his internship, he was asked to stay with the corporation part-time during the school year.

“That Friday when I was going to be gone, they fixed me up some paperwork that said, ‘would you like to extend your internship?’ and I said ‘sure,’” Ticket explained.

In his continued internship role, Ticket is focused on procurement underneath Kevin Thomas, senior vice president, chief administrative officer, and chief compliance and ethics officer. Ticket relies heavily on the Microsoft Suite for all of his current projects. He spends a lot of his time translating data and then inputting it into Excel spreadsheets.

“It gets me up early in the morning and gives me the initiative to do some homework. (I) don’t have to stay up late doing homework and sleep the day away. Basically (the internship) keeps me on track with homework and school,” Ticket said.

Ticket is a currently a junior in the professional piloting program at University of Alaska Anchorage. He hopes to join one of the major airlines as a pilot after graduating college. 

For more information: http://www.nana-dev.com