News Releases

Q & A with De'Andra Harris

I was raised in Yakutat and Hoonah, then graduated from Bartlett High School (in Anchorage). My mom is Tlingit and Aleut. I’m Tlingit, Aleut, Filipina and Spanish. I’m a Sealaska shareholder. (Sealaska, one of the corporations created by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, is headquartered in Juneau.)

Q & A with Kristine Couse

My mom, Norma Morena Couse, is originally from Kiana (up the Kobuk River from Kotzebue). My aana (grandmother), Hilda Morena, still lives there. She’s 93. My dad, Toby Couse, grew up in Nyack, New York.

Q & A with Todd Whited

I learn a lot. I’m recruiting for everything from dishwashers, which I know something about, to wastewater treatment operators, which I don’t, so I have to research what they do. I talk to the hiring manager to find out what they’re looking for.

NANA adds engineering and construction companies to revamped Commercial Group

NANA is ramping up its investment in Alaska with new business additions, and a recent revamp of its business structure. NANA’s business operations are structured under Federal and Commercial Groups.

Q & A with Daurell Bell

I’m the senior director of tax within the finance department. We do tax planning, strategy, tax minimization, financial management, filing and compliance.

Q & A with Rick Janitscheck

I’m the IT manager for NANA’s commercial group. Simply put, I manage the service team and provide metrics to senior leadership. We have our hands in everything IT-related. When there’s an issue or an outage, we’re the first to be notified.

Q & A with Amy Foote

I grew up in Boise, Idaho. I grew up fishing and foraging and hauling wood. After I met my husband, I learned how to hunt and butcher the wild game. I do all my own butchering, smoking, curing and pickling. A lot of what I learned was just by watching and listening to Elders. That’s how I learn from our staff, when they share their traditional knowledge.

Q & A with Jennifer Paul

It’s like, but for careers. You need to know your client (the company and the hiring manager) and what they need. You put yourself in their shoes. It’s about finding the right fit, the best match. It’s rewarding, finding the top applicant and seeing them accept the job offer.

Q & A with David Brown

I’m the senior integration analyst. I’m responsible for process integrations and automation solutions development. I create processes that sync up line-of-business applications. Where appropriate, tasks are automated. The end in mind is a system that’s efficient and secure, with built-in accountability which ultimately saves money and time.

Q & A with Melissa Chlupach

Working with our managers and organizations, implementing traditional foods programs into healthcare, long-term care facilities, senior centers and schools. That’s my Zen.

Q & A with Stanley Ratcliff Jr.

My title is infrastructure systems architect. I support applications, servers, core services—which includes phone, email and file sharing. I deploy new business systems and applications, maintain them, and support the users (employees).

NANA announces sale of four Anchorage hotels

NANA is pleased to announce the sale of four Anchorage hotels that it had ownership interest in, effective Nov. 7, 2017. The new owner is JL Properties, an Alaska-based real estate and investment firm.

Q & A with Betty Sheldon

I knew about NANA from a young age. Robert Newlin Sr. (NANA’s first chairman) and my dad were friends. They served together on the board of the Noorvik Native Store (which sells fuel and groceries). I worked for Robert at the store.

Q & A with Kim Risch

I love NANA: the family, the camaraderie, the values, and the feeling that we’re working for a greater good.

Q & A with Manoj Savalia

Five years ago, Manoj Savalia came to NANA for what he thought would be a three-month stint in IT. Now, he says, NANA is family. “Now, my mindset is that I’ll be here forever.”

Q & A with Lisa Akerelrea

A big part of my job involves planning for NANA’s annual shareholder meeting. The project starts in mid-August and goes until mid-March. We prepare all the documents for the shareholder packets, except for the annual report, which is done by the finance department along with communications.

Meet Akima's 2017 Interns

The Akima Summer Internship Program offers worthwhile internships to NANA shareholders that are eager to learn and excited to spend a summer on the East Coast or at another Akima location.

Q & A with Patty Hickok

In 2011, I was hired as the director of HR process improvement. After that, I became the director of employee relations and HRIS. (HRIS stands for human resource information system. This encompasses a variety of automated solutions in the HR cycle.)

Q & A with Ildiko Geuss

Some of our communications projects have positively impacted our shareholders. Those include our United Way campaign, the Uutukkuu Snow Golf Challenge that raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Aqqaluk Trust, and Junior Achievement that supported financial literacy in schools.

Q & A with Larry Snider

The thing I try to do is work hard and treat all people with respect. If you do that, things tend to work out pretty well.

Q & A with Emily Cross-Robinson

My parents are Milton and Maggie Cross. My dad is from Kotzebue and my mom is from Elim (below Nome). It’s a pretty little village, very scenic. My mom is one of 14 kids; I have a lot of cousins.

Q & A with Ginger Douglas

I manage all the accounting files, I process (check coding & enter invoices into the system) and pay invoices, I handle deposits and billing, and I assist in the budgeting process for NANA Regional Corporation. I also support the natural resources department.

Q & A with Janelle Sharp

I’m an environmental technician. I work for WHPacific (an engineering company owned by NANA) and I’m contracted out to NANA’s natural resources department.

Q & A with Ahpa Porter

As the manager of natural resources, my focus is on the operation of Red Dog Mine. Essentially, I provide oversight over various aspects of the mine’s operations.

Q & A with Liz Cravalho

I’m the vice president of external & government affairs. My job is to work with our team to build key relationships with partners in the public and private sectors.

Q & A with Paul Anderson

My title is Nuna-Geo system manager for NANA Regional Corporation. I work in NANA’s land department, collecting and managing geographic and land parcel data.

Q & A with Sonny Adams

I worked at Red Dog (Mine) for 18 years. In 1988, I was hired by Teck to help start up the mill. I wrote operator training manuals for use in the mill (the ore processing facility).

Q & A with Clarence Snyder

I was raised by my grandparents, Cora and Jack Pungalik. We didn’t have much money. It was mostly a subsistence lifestyle. We were raised to eat what we had: dried fish, white fish, any kind of fish. I got tired of fish. Now, I love to fish (fly fish), but I don’t like to eat it. Living in the city, we’re privileged.

Q & A with Lenora Moses

Talking to my parents was like a history lesson. Mom spent a lot of time at (subsistence) camp. Dad grew up in Virginia. He used to ride a horse to school.

Q & A with Tami Krukoff

It’s important for me to remember where I came from. I have fond memories of those early years and a strong connection to our extended family. I like to remember warm summer evenings in Kotzebue when the water was calm, like glass—and the sun was out, even at night. We’d walk on Front Street to the Hamburger Hut where they sold soft ice cream.

Q & A with Kally Greene-Gudmundson

When I first started (as an intern), I was nervous about meeting new people, but I got a family vibe right away. We work together really hard, yet people want to uŋa and nuniaq (show affection). It feels like home. The professional world mixes with our culture.

Intern-to-Intern: Lisa Williams

I am going for an associate’s degree in accounting. I’m seeking a degree in this field because it is interesting for me to balance spreadsheets and income statements on paper.

Intern-to-Intern: Louis Rasic

I ‘m studying mechanical engineering, with a minor in math, at the University of Alaska Anchorage. I was a pipefitter, and I grew tired of using brawn over brain.

Intern-to-Intern 2016: Krystin Bogan

My Iñupiaq name is Napanquak. I was named after my grandmother, and she was named after my great-great-great-grandmother, Dorcas Karmun. My grandmother was given both English and Iñupiaq names.

NANA Development Corporation Statement on Moody’s Downgrade

Last week Moody's issued a press release about their decision to downgrade NANA Development Corporation's (NDC's) debt rating. While we disagree with some of the conclusions Moody’s analysts made, FY2016 has presented a challenging year for our companies involved in the oil industry.

Q & A with Craig Billingsley

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Unless you try, you’ll never know what you might be good at. Each new experience, whether at work or in life, can be a building block to your development.

Q & A with Mamie Karmun

My first paid job was helping out my brother Gilbert at his grocery store in Deering. The store sold everything: food, coffee, Sailor Boy crackers (qaqqulauraq), and candy. Gil nicknamed me Chuck because I liked the jelly candy, Chuckles.

Oil and Alaska's Economy

Oil fields on the North Slope have provided huge benefits to our state over many years.

Q & A with Clayton Gooden

I’m a member of the project controls team at NANA WorleyParsons. I’m responsible for monitoring and controlling costs and schedules on our portfolio of projects. A lot of versatility is expected. Saying that “it’s not my job” is not an option.

Q & A with Dana Tuimalealiifano

At the end of the day, knowledge is power. No one can take that away from you. So, educate yourself. You’ll always find ways to help people with what you’ve learned.

NDC Subsidiary NOSI sold to North Star Petroleum, a division of Saltchuk

On April 30, NDC closed the sale of its subsidiary, NOSI.

Q & A with Eric Billingsley

My mom and dad both inspired me with their ethics. They taught me the value of hard work, and that nothing is given to you. Nothing worth having comes easily. Don’t leave it to luck. Ultimately, the harder you work, the luckier you get. Basically, do your job.

Q & A with Rachel McClanahan

I never let my title define me. It’s how you carry yourself that can reveal more than any title. When I was an administrative assistant, I worked as hard and had as much pride in my work as I do now as a company president.

Q & A with Kristina Patrick

People say this about NANA, but I really feel it’s true. You are part of a family. I don’t know if you get that at other places, but I certainly feel that here.

Q & A with Hilda Hass

In 1981, I started with NANA as the executive assistant to the president, senior executives, and our board. I worked simultaneously for NANA Regional Corporation, NANA Development Corporation, and United Bank Alaska.

Q & A with Jason Hill

As the GM, you’re the hands-on manager. You’re responsible for building a team. We take good care of our employees so they can take good care of our customers.

An Interview with Kelsi Ivanoff, Business Development and Marketing Coordinator for NANA WorleyParsons

I handle our company’s marketing, which includes anything from overseeing use of our brand to advertising to creating marketing materials. I also support business development, coordinating proposal efforts and representing NANA WorleyParsons at conferences and events.

Q & A with Harry Harvey

During a summer break from school, I worked for the Noorvik Native Store. Robert (Newlin) was the store manager. He had a friendly smile and a jovial personality. The store was really more like a community center and a gathering place where men sat on boxes, smoked and visited until closing.

Q & A with Brad Osborne

I remember wondering, “What is this NANA that my aana (grandmother) is always talking about?” I could tell NANA was important to her—and to my family—but I didn’t know why yet.

Q & A with Cathleen Mala

I grew up in the city (Anchorage), but we’ve always practiced a subsistence lifestyle. With our extended family and friends, we hunted and fished together.

Q & A with Deb Billinglsey

My grandparents were great role models. They were hard workers who weren’t afraid of life’s challenges.

Intern-To-Intern: Victor Onalik, Jr.

My first experience with NANA was as an intern, learning the basics with the human resources team. When I was in the ninth grade, I interned in Kotzebue under Angela Washington. After that, I knew I wanted to have a career with NANA.

Q & A with Annette Zella

I lead the college support (internship) program. I assist shareholders with their job search and I work with our companies to meet their shareholder employment and development goals.

Q & A with Jason Rutman

I was the first grandson, so I was named Kuugauraq, after my late taata (grandfather) Billy Sheldon, Sr. from Noorvik. Kuugauraq means “creek” in Iñupiaq.

Q & A with Helvi Sandvik

We have two goals for our companies: to generate income and to create employment opportunities that our shareholders can access.

Intern-To-Intern 2015: Samantha Ruppert

My mother’s side of the family are all shareholders. My grandma, originally from Deering is full-Iñupiaq. My late grandfather, on my mother’s side, comes from the Barr family, originally from Deering as well, but he later moved to Kotzebue.

Q & A with Carolyn Smith

I oversee all aspects of our 909 building, as well as the Benson building and Annex (in Anchorage). I handle any remodeling or renovation issues. I manage the real estate databases of leases for all NANA properties and subsidiaries, enterprise-wide.

Intern-To-Intern 2015: Danny Wells

My Iñupiaq name is Iyagun. I am named after my great-grandfather, Paul Ballot.

Q & A with Kutraluk Bolton

When I went away to college, I started going by Kutraluk, my Iñupiaq name—as a way to show others and remind myself of my identity as an Iñupiaq man.

Intern-To-Intern 2015: Abraham Farrag

My mom’s side of the family is all from Selawik. My aunt, Ruthie Ramoth-Sampson, helped develop the Iñupiaq translations for the Rosetta Stone (a language software program sponsored by NANA).

Q & A with Carolyn Boskofsky

My very first job was through the Native Youth Corps. I think I was paid $2.50 an hour, before taxes. Reality hit when I started looking at the Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogs to order clothes. I carefully kept track of the hours I worked and totaled the gross. (Already I was thinking like a payroll technician.)

Intern-To-Intern 2015: Nate Minor

I’m a shareholder. My mother (Louann Minor) and grandmother are also both shareholders. In fact, pretty much everyone on my mother’s side of the family is a NANA shareholder.

Q & A with Dawn Kimberlin

I’m the director of marketing and communications for NMS. I manage a variety of projects, from creating recruiting material to signage, to achieve our company’s goals.

Intern-To-Intern 2015: Jesstin Patterson

My taata (grandfather), Collins Mendenhall. He taught me to hunt and to respect nature which was further enforced and fine-tuned by my father, Richard Patterson.

Q & A with Linda Adams

I provide legal work, under the supervision of our current chief legal officer, Peter Reckmeyer. Much of what I do is to make sure we’re in compliance, as an Alaska Native corporation.

Intern-To-Intern 2015: Katy Culver

I am studying economics and political science. I was always interested in political science, so I knew it was something I wanted to study.

Q & A with Robin Kornfield

Intern-To-Intern 2015: Louis Rasic

Getting the Aqqaluk trust scholarship was actually my first experience with NANA, before then I didn’t even know I was eligible. I am honored to be included in the NANA family.

Q & A with Ron Adams

As a recruiter, my job is to find talented, responsible shareholders and place them in jobs or careers.

Intern-To-Intern 2015: Tristen Ticket

Overall, I hope to gain a great working experience. I want to help my department in the best way I can.

Intern-To-Intern 2015: Staci Harlow

“NANA will improve the quality of life for our people”

Roll cameras! And Action.

Filmmaking takes cooperation and teamwork, but what do filmmakers do when the star of the film doesn’t show up?

John Parry: 40 years on the North Slope, and he'd do it again

John Parry has worked 40 years on the North Slope for BP and contractors, and is currently camp manager with NANA Management Services, assigned to Prudhoe Bay. While North Slope oil fields have grown and changed during that time, John affirms that workers’ need for safe, clean and well-operated camps have remained constant.

Matthew Daggett named President of NANA Management Services

Matthew Daggett has been appointed president of NANA Management Services (NMS).

NDC Appoints New Chief Financial Officer

NANA Development Corporation has appointed Jens Beck as the company's new chief financial officer.

Nakuuruq Solutions Awarded $21 Million Contract at Aberdeen Test Center

Nakuuruq Solutions was awarded a $21 million contract at the Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) to provide welding, fabrication, machining and painting support services to several core areas at ATC.

Holly Nordlum – Iñupiaq Visual Artist

Holly “Mititquq” Nordlum an artist from Kotzebue, was inspired by the cultural research she conducted after a trip to Washington, D.C. in April of 2014.

NANA Australia Awarded Contract to Support ConocoPhillips

NANA Australia has been awarded a contract to support ConocoPhillips with indigenous engagement for their Australia Business Unit East.

2014 Shareholder Employment and Development College Support Program: Peter Sandvik

Peter Sandvik is from Columbus, Ohio, where he just finished his freshman year of college. He is earning a B.S. in chemical engineering from Ohio State University, one of the nation’s largest schools.

2014 Shareholder Employment and Development College Support Program: Janelle Sharp

Meet Janelle Sharp, an environmental technician with WHPacific, in Anchorage, AK. We talked about her teacher in high school giving her hands-on experience with chemistry, succeeding in college with challenges and how “you really can do whatever you want; you just need to apply yourself.”

GIS Abbeville Fabrication Facility Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification

The GIS fabrication facility in Abbeville, Louisiana completed ISO 9001:2008 certification on July 6, 2014. The Abbeville facility has 97 personnel and is led by Asset Manager, Lee Bordelon Jr. Abbeville is one of GIS’s six primary fabrication facilities in Alaska, Alabama and Louisiana.

2014 Shareholder Employment and Development College Support Program: Preston Lyons

Meet Preston Lyons, an intern with SAVA, in Herndon, VA, working this summer as a project coordinator. We had a conversation about leaving college with the unknown ahead, some of the challenges he’s met along the way, and how he’s using his criminal justice degree at SAVA.

MISSION CRITICAL: Akima Keeps MacDill Air Force Base Running

“I’ve spent 30 years in the Air Force and I don’t know of an Air Force base with a more important mission right now,” said Akima Project Manager Steven Hoarn.

NDC Intern: Arlo Nasruk Davis

Hello everybody! My name is Arlo Nasruk Davis. My mother is Martha Ramoth Schindler from Selawik and my father is Joe Davis. My aanas are Emma Ramoth and Jan Fanistal, and my taatas are Ralph Ramoth Sr. and Art Davis.

Pegasus Aviation Services: Ken Dahl

Ken Dahl knows a thing or two about the aviation cargo industry in Alaska. He’s worked for various companies including ASRC Energy Services and Shared Services Aviation – a co-venture between ConocoPhillips and BP, handling passengers, freight, bags and even animals for most of his career.

Akima Construction Services Takes Over Flood Control Project

It’s been years since tourists on the Mall in downtown Washington, D.C. have avoided construction. Work on the 17th Street Levee project was slated to be completed long ago, but due to the job being stalled work was suspended.

Grand Isle Shipyard Featured in the Alaska Journal of Commerce

NANA company Grand Isle Shipyard is featured in the Alaska Journal of Commerce for being a major employer in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough.

Bridging a Gap in Shareholder Employment

Mine workers are required to obtain a mine safety and health administration (MSHA) 5000-23 certificate of training.

Sean Fitzpatrick joins WHPacific as Director of Surveying/Mapping

WHPacific, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Sean Fitzpatrick, PLS as director of surveying to the company’s El Segundo office.

NANA College Support Program: Laura Orenga de Gaffory

Of all the internships this past summer for NANA’s College Support Program, Laura Orenga de Gaffory may have had the most interesting.

Alaska to Louisiana: One Shareholder’s Journey to Job Success

One shareholder’s journey took him from Kotzebue 4,000-some miles southeast to Galliano, La. There, he’s been fine tuning the craft of welding at NANA company, Grand Isle Shipyard, Inc. (GIS).

James Oliver joins WHPacific as Vice President, Water and Environment

WHPacific is pleased to announce James “Jim” Oliver, RG joins as Vice President of Water and Environment and will lead this new department for the firm.

WHPacific Ranked in the Best of Arizona Business 2014

WHPacific, Inc., the largest Alaska Native-owned multi-discipline, professional services company in the United States, is proud to announce its placement in “Ranking Arizona Magazine’s The Best of Arizona Business 2014.” WHPacific is ranked fourth in top Arizona architectural firms with three or fewer architects, up three spots from last year, and ranked fifth in top Arizona civil engineering firms with thirteen or fewer engineers.

NANA College Support Program: Lance O’Neill

Lance J. Uuyana O’Neill has interned through the NANA College Support Program for the past two years. O’Neill grew up in Deering and then Kotzebue, Alaska.

WHPacific’s Landscape Architecture Studio Welcomes Spencer Nickel and Expands Services

WHPacific is pleased to announce that Spencer “Spence” Nickel, RLA, ASLA has joined the firm’s Landscape Architecture (LA) Studio. Based in the firm’s Denver, Colorado office, Spencer leads the expansion of the LA Studio’s services to Colorado with a focus on campus master planning and the design of outdoor environments.

NANA College Support Program: Brianna Kirk

NANA’s College Support Program had a successful 2013 summer session. Part of the success was due to interns such as Brianna Kirk.

Five Rivers Services Awarded US Air Force Satellite Support Contract

Five Rivers Services has been awarded a subcontract from Harris IT Services under Harris’ Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) Network and Space Operations and Maintenance (NSOM) contract in New Hampshire. Harris IT Services is a leader in the design, deployment, operation and maintenance of highly reliable, secure communications systems and information networks for voice, data and video.

NANA College Support Program: Intern Christopher Black

Christopher Black is one of 36 interns that took part in the 2013 NANA College Support Program. Black attended Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas and graduated in December. He worked for NMS in his hometown of Anchorage as the HR/security project assistant this past summer.

David Springgate Named President of NANA Management Services

David Springgate has been appointed president of NANA Management Services (NMS). NMS is jointly owned by NANA Development Corporation and Sodexo USA, and provides a range of outsourcing services to public and private clients in the petroleum, health care, education and telecommunications industries.

NDC Promotes Reckmeyer to Chief Legal Officer

NANA Development Corporation’s (NDC) Board of Directors is pleased to announce Mr. Peter R. Reckmeyer as its new Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer.

2013 NANA College Support Program: Bo Ticket

Bo Ticket is a NANA Shareholder from Buckland, Alaska. He is also one of 36 individuals placed in the NANA College Support Program this past summer.

Senior Executive to Lead NDC's Human Resources Department

Sandy Beitel West, a senior executive with more than 30 years of experience in human resources and finance, has joined NANA Development Corp. (NDC) as Senior Vice President, Human Resources.

NDC Joins Prestigious Campbell Institute

NANA Development Corporation is proud to announce it has joined the prestigious Campbell Institute as a charter member.

NANA Company WHPacific Moves to New Phoenix Office

NANA Development Corporation subsidiary WHPacific is pleased to announce the new location of its Phoenix office at 7310 North 16th Street, Suite 315.

NDC President Helvi Sandvik Elected to Alaska Air Group Board

We are pleased to announce NANA Development Corporation President Helvi Sandvik has been elected as director to the Alaska Air Group board.

NANA Australia Pty Ltd Appoints Rod Gonzales as Chief Executive Officer

The Board of Directors of NANA Australia Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Rod Gonzales as Chief Executive Officer of the company. Gonzales has more than 15 years of experience in the oil, gas and chemicals industries in progressively responsible project management and operations roles.

NDC President Helvi Sandvik Keynotes Alliance Annual Meeting

NANA Development Corporation President Helvi Sandvik presented as the keynote speaker at the annual meeting for the Alaska Industry Support Alliance.

Industry Veteran Named to Head NANA Construction

The Board of Directors of NANA Construction, LLC has selected Sagen Juliussen to be the company’s new President. Juliussen has worked for NANA Construction since its founding in 2008, most recently as Vice President of Business Development.

TKC Global Team Recognized by NAVAIR Customer

TKC Global recently completed a contract to provide software lifecycle development services and support for the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) at its headquarters in Patuxent River MD and for U.S. Navy aviators and support personnel worldwide. Each member of the 19-member team received a personal letter of appreciation from the NAVAIR customer that specifically addressed what each had contributed to the success of the project.

Nakuuruq Continues Support at Panama City

On March 5, 2013 Nakuuruq Solutions, LLC was awarded the Technical and Administrative Support Services contract for the prototype fabrication facility commonly called “the shops” at the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) in Panama City, Florida. Nakuuruq was first awarded the contract in 2004. The recent win was the result of a competitive 8(a) procurement.

NANA Partners with Technical Center to Train Driller Helpers

As companies prepare to begin core drilling near Red Dog Mine this spring, 16 northwest Alaska residents were trained in the basics of assisting drillers.

Akima Moves to New Colorado Springs Office

More than 30 Akima employees in Colorado Springs have recently relocated to a new office building directly across the street from the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Akima Construction Services Completes New Buildings for U.S. Department of Energy

Akima Construction Services, LLC, completed the design, construction and furnishing of two buildings totaling 28,000 square feet for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Nordic ski fever hits northwest Alaska youth this week

Five Rivers Services Wins SBA’s Administrator’s Award for Excellence

Five Rivers Services, was recently awarded the Small Business Administration’s “Administrator’s Award for Excellence.” This award is presented to a select group of small businesses, prime contractors or subcontractors “in recognition of outstanding contribution and service to the nation by a small business in satisfying the needs of the Federal procurement system.” As a company, Five Rivers provides a full-spectrum solutions in communications, networking, IT and command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (C4ISR) to federal defense and civilian government agencies.

Piksik Boosts Team with an Old Helping Hand

James Dommek, Jr. is proof that sometimes having a foot in the door is all it takes. Dommek was first hired by Evergreen Films, a film company NANA acquired an ownership stake in 2010 and has now worked his way in as an independent contractor for Piksik.

WHPacific Featured in New Video

WHPacific and its many professional services – architecture, engineering, environmental services, planning, construction management, surveying and mapping – are featured in a new three-minute video produced by NANA’s Communications and Marketing Department and filmed at several project sites in the Pacific Northwest. The video is one of several on NANA’s YouTube channel featuring different NANA companies.

Congressman Calls Red Dog 'A Beacon of Hope'

The Red Dog Mine welcomed a special visitor in October, Congressman Don Young (R-Alaska). It was the second trip to the mine for the 20-term congressman.

Workers from NANA company, GIS Oilfield Contractors, injured in Gulf of Mexico oil platform explosion.

We at NANA Development Corporation were shocked and saddened to learn of the offshore platform explosion in the Gulf of Mexico this past Friday that involved 14 workers and subcontractors from our subsidiary GIS. Black Elk Energy operates the facility, located about 20 miles from Grand Isle, La., and GIS provides maintenance services.

NANANordic wins success story scholarship

Healthy schools, bodies and minds: that is what the Alaska School Health and Wellness Institute (SHWI) promotes and NANANordic is glad to be recognized as helping further the SHWI mission. NANANordic is one of only six Success Story Scholarships being awarded this year.

Akima, LLC launched

On October 1, 2012, Akima, LLC was formally launched in Herndon, Virginia as a new holding company, subsuming all operations of the former Akima Management Services (AMS), Akmaaq and Qivliq holding companies. Akima companies are leaders in information technology products and services, data communications, systems and software engineering, facilities management and outfitting, cyber security, space operations, aviation, construction, fabrication and logistics. Akima, LLC is a subsidiary of the NANA Development Corporation, whose 13,000 Iñupiat shareholders live in the NANA region of northwestern Alaska.

NANA Board Gets VIP Tour of President Obama's Plane Fleet

When NANA leadership recently visited Joint Base Andrews, they were met with a surprise "ramp freeze" that requires all traffic on and near the base to stop. That's because the board arrived just as President Obama's plane was taking off. The June visit took NANA board and staff members to Akima, LLC project sites in Maryland and Virginia. Akima Technical Solutions' (ATS) contract location at Joint Base Andrews, Md., was their first stop.

NMS' Kiana Salad Bar Video Wins National Attention

When Dawn Kimberlin, NMS food and facilities management division director of marketing, put together a short, three-minute video about the new Kiana School salad bar, she was hoping to win the "Let's Move Salad Bars to Schools" contest. Instead, the video garnered national recognition with a feature on the "Let's Move!" blog sponsored by the White House.

Hengen Named New President of NANA WorleyParsons

Rock Hengen is his name, but you could call the new president of NANA WorleyParsons "rock solid." "Like his name implies, Rock brings a significant and distinguished background of leadership roles in the delivery of both large and small projects in the oil and gas industry," said Helvi Sandvik, president of NANA Development Corporation.

NANA participates in indigenous forum Down Under

Indigenous Development Minister, Malarndirri McCarthy, today opened the 5th Indigenous Economic Development (IED) Forum – ‘Working Toward a Strong Future’ - at the Darwin Convention Centre.

NANA honored second on the Alaska Business Monthly Top 49ers list

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Alaska Business Monthly, in conjunction with the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce, announced the Top 49 Alaskan-owned and -operated companies in the state, based on 2010 gross revenues, at a luncheon at the Dena'ina Civic and Convention Center in Anchorage.

Synteras wins GSA 8(a) STARS II contract award

Synteras, a federal management consulting firm specializing in process reengineering, agile software management and independent verification and validation, has been named as an awardee by the General Services Administration (GSA) for its STARS (Streamlined Technology Acquisition Resources for Services) II GWAC (Governmentwide Acquisition Contract), a major small-business IT contract.

Akima Facilities Management awarded defense contract

Akima Facilities Management, L.L.C., Anchorage, Alaska, was awarded a $41,754,027 cost-plus-award-fee contract. The award will provide for the base operations and maintenance support services for Fort Gordon, Ga.

NANA celebrates Nullaġvik Hotel opening in Kotzebue

August 29, 2011-The new Nullaġvik Hotel, owned by NANA Development Corporation, opened its doors today to all visitors and northwest Alaska. The modern hotel, located on Shore Avenue in Kotzebue has been under construction for the past two years and is expected to be a comfortable place to stay for years to come.

Alaska Native Corporation Review

Almost 40 years ago, Congress undertook a "great experiment" when it passed the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, creating for-profit corporations instead of reservations when resolving aboriginal land claims. Under ANCSA, Alaska's Natives received title to 44 million acres of land and $962.5 million, which was divided between 12 regional and more than 200 village corporations. A 13th corporation was later created for Alaska Natives living outside the state.

SBA 8(a) restructure

U.S. Small Business Administration officials stood before a crowd of Alaska Native business people recently and outlined new regulations put in place this spring to govern the SBA 8(a) program. At a National 8(a) Association conference held in late June at Anchorage's Marriott hotel, Marie Johns, deputy administrator for SBA, told attendees the government agency has spent the past four years developing and refining new regulations for minority contractors in the 8(a) program.

SAVA Wins GSA 8(a) STARS II Contract Award

HERNDON, Virginia, August 19, 2011 - SAVA Workforce Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of enterprise IT and mission support services has been named as an awardee by the General Services Administration (GSA) for its STARS (Streamlined Technology Acquisition Resources for Services) II GWAC (Governmentwide Acquisition Contract), a major small-business IT contract.

Bradley Osborne, recognized in NCAIED Top 40 Under 40

MESA, AZ. - August 15, 2011 - The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED) is proud to announce the recipients of the 2011 Native American 40 Under 40, who will be recognized as part of the 36th Annual Indian Progress in Business Awards Event (INPRO) on Thursday, September 08, 2011 at The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

Affigent, LLC partners with Certes Networks to expand presence in government contracting

Pittsburg, Penn. -- Certes Networks, the leader in multi-layer encryption solutions for high performance networks, announced today that it has signed an agreement with Affigent LLC, a leading provider of technology products and solutions to federal government worldwide. Specializing in advanced information security solutions, Affigent is known for delivering seamless, scalable and secure support at every phase of the enterprise solution lifecycle.

NANA profits shine with longtime diversification strategy

A strategic business plan adopted in the mid-1990s by NANA Regional Corp. for its business subsidiary, NANA Development Corp., has served the company well through the ups and downs of the economy, including the sharp national recession that began in 2009.

US Interior Secretary Salazar visits Alaska to discuss oil and gas development

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar met with business leaders in Anchorage to discuss the need for safe and responsible development of Alaska’s energy resources. The meetings are part of Secretary Salazar’s multi-day visit to Alaska this week, where he is joined by U.S. Senators Mark Begich, Lisa Murkowski and Jack Reed. This marks Secretary Salazar’s third trip to the 49th state since taking office in January 2009.

How SAVA grabbed the top spot on the 2011 Fast 50

SAVA Workforce Solutions’ revenues showed virtually no growth In 2006 and 2007, increasing a paltry $6,886 from $170,266 to $177,152.

NANA purchases Gulf Coast oil and gas services company-Grand Isle Shipyard

(July 25, 2011) With an eye toward future growth in Alaska, Louisiana and across the country, NANA Development Corporation (NDC) and Grand Isle Shipyard, Inc. (GIS) are taking a giant step in their evolution. NDC has purchased GIS.

NMS retains Alan Charley as general manager of the NMS staffing Houston branch

NMS is pleased to announce the addition of Alan Charley as the general manager of the Houston, Texas branch of NMS Staffing. Charley is responsible for the start up of operations in the Houston office. He has 15years of experience in the staffing industry and more than 20 years of experience in managerial roles.

NMS sales manager appointed to board of pharmacy

Gov. Sean Parnell appointed Ted Mala Jr., NANA Management Services Sales Manager, to the Alaska Board of Pharmacy.

Dallis joins WHPacific

Park Dallis, PE has joined WHPacific as Senior Electrical Engineer. Based in WHPacific’s Anchorage office, Dallis brings more than 38 years of engineering experience in electrical engineering, project management and construction. His areas of specialization include commercial and industrial power and lighting design, fire alarm, telecommunications, data, and other low-voltage systems, energy efficiency and cost effective solutions to design challenges.

Morton joins WHPacific

Andrea Morton, PE has joined WHPacific as Senior Transportation Engineer. Based in WHPacific’s Anchorage office, Morton brings more than 20 years of civil engineering experience, including 17 years the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities.

NACA responds to Gilbert column on ANCs

The Native Americans Contractors Association Executive Director, Jim Gray, responds to a column written by freelance journalist, Matt Gilbert, on Native American 8(a) contracting published on Indian Country Today Media Network.

NANA Management Services recognized

NANA Management Services has again been honored as one of the top minority-owned businesses in the country.

Summer shipping begins for Red Dog zinc

The summer shipping season began Monday at one of the world's largest zinc mines, in a record-early start thanks to melting ice.

Minority entrepreneurs connect at Anchorage 8(a) contracting conference

For several hundred people meeting in Anchorage this week, when opportunity knocks, it comes in the form of a government contract. They came from all over the United States, to learn how to utilize a Small Business Administration program aimed at creating jobs and opportunity.

NACA announces transition of executive directors

WASHINGTON, DC (June 23, 2011): The Board of Directors of the Native American Contractors Association (NACA) announced today that Sarah Lukin will be stepping down as NACA’s Executive Director to return to her home state of Alaska. In a related announcement, the Board appointed former Chief of the Osage Nation, Jim Gray, of Skiatook, Oklahoma to follow Ms. Lukin as the organization’s next Executive Director.

In Alaska, small business is big business

With new rules in place to help make sure small, disadvantaged businesses don’t fall victim to predatory partners or themselves mishandle their money, Alaska’s congressional delegation has pledged to fight continued attacks by outsiders on Alaska’s Native-run firms.

NMS recognized with National Industry Leader Award

NMS, Alaska’s 6th largest private employer, was honored by the National Safety Council (NSC) with their prestigious 2009 Industry Leader Award for safety performance within its industry. The award is a component of the Council’s member-exclusive Safety Motivation and Recognition Awards Program. The award benchmarks outstanding safety achievements among member companies based on reported data. The Industry Leader Award recognizes only the top 5 percent of member companies in the country.

NANA Development Corporation signs a definitive agreement to acquire Grand Isle Shipyard, Inc.

On May 5, 2011 NANA Development Corporation (NDC) signed a definitive agreement to acquire Grand Isle Shipyard, Inc. As part of the transaction, NANA Development Corporation is pursuing a refinancing of its credit facilities as well as those of Grand Isle Shipyard, Inc. NDC and Grand Isle Shipyard expect to have an agreement finalized by the end of June, 2011. At that point, both companies look forward to sharing more information.

Sodexo-operated mess hall at 29 Palms earns top USMC honors

GAITHERSBURG, Md., May 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Sodexo-operated Mess Hall 1660 at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center 29 Palms in Calif. earned the highest honor for a foodservice operation in the United States Marine Corps (USMC) recently when the operation was named the winner of the 2011 W.P.T. Hill Award for Best Full Foodservice Contracted Garrison Mess Hall.

Affigent named Exadata Partner of the Month

Affigent is an Oracle Platinum Partner providing customers with a suite of solutions consisting of four integrated service offerings plus customized training and support

Begich statement on defeat of McCain 8(a) Amendment

U.S. Sen. Mark Begich today released the following statement after an amendment by Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) hurting the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Business Development Program was defeated during a business meeting of the Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, of which Begich is a member.

Mining increases economic clout across stae, industry says

Mines operating in Alaska are injecting hundreds of millions of dollars into the state's economy, particularly benefiting the state's larger communities where support companies are based.

Sen. Begich creates interactive map of Alaska gas prices

Murkowski defends 8(a), sees lack of support for changes

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski said April 20 she does not believe there is enough support in Congress to pass legislation that seeks to strip Alaska Native corporations of the advantage they enjoy in obtaining federal contracts worth billions of dollars.

PEA demonstrates robust economics for NovaGold's Arctic deposit

NovaGold Resources Inc. April 14 announced the results of a preliminary economic assessment for its Ambler volcanogenic massive sulfide project in Northwest Alaska.

NANA distributes 2011 at-large shareholder dividend

Anchorage, Alaska – April 15, 2011 – Today, NANA Regional Corporation, Inc. distributed resource proceeds from sources within the NANA region and from other Alaska Native Regional Corporations pursuant to Section 7(j) of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) to NANA shareholders who hold Class B (also known as At-Large) shares.

NANA continues blistering growth with eye on future

The Native American Contractors Association (NACA) is a national Native advocacy organization based in Washington, DC. NACA represents and serves Tribal, Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs), and Native Hawaiian Organizations (NHOs) across the nation on issues relating to the economic self-sufficiency of America’s indigenous people, focusing on our members’ participation in government contracting and the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Business Development Program. NACA’s members represent over 475,000 Tribal Members, Alaska Native Shareholders, and Native Hawaiians.

Sen. McCaskill uses legislative loophole to advance anti-native agenda

WASHINGTON, DC (March 31, 2011) Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) today used a legislative loophole to advance an anti-Native agenda by restricting Native Enterprise access to critical business programs that support America’s most impoverished population.

The second annual Utukkuu Snow Golf Challenge raises $28,000

A good time for a good cause, the second annual Utukkuu Snow Golf Challenge raised $28,000 for the Aqqaluk Trust. The trust is a non-profit organization which provides funding for language, cultural & educational opportunities for NANA’s shareholders.

NANA Development wins corporate-advocate award

Lauded for "unwavering support" of its shareholders, NANA Development Corp. recently became the first Alaska Native company to win the corporate advocate award presented by the National Center of American Indian Enterprise Development.

Iditarod champ returns home to Kotzebue parade, gives motivational talk

Iditarod champ and record-breaker John Baker returned home to a hero's welcome Monday afternoon, complete with a siren-wailing parade and traditional drumming and dancing by Kotzebue's Northern Lights Dancers.

TKC Integration Services and Irvine Sensors enter in distribution agreement

COSTA MESA, Calif., March 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Irvine Sensors Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: IRSN) announced today that it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") with TKC Integration Services, LLC ("TKCIS"), a company providing technology solutions to Government world-wide. TKCIS provides best-in-class products and services via several Government acquisition vehicles in the areas of data center, enterprise software and cyber security, infrastructure and physical security, as well as network and communications solutions.

New DOWL HKM employee has long history with NANA

Mike Johnson may be fresh out of college, but he already has a longstanding relationship with his new employer that few graduates could hope to match. Johnson is a civil engineer with DOWL HKM, a NANA company, and he’s also a NANA shareholder. In fact, his shareholder roots reach back to the very beginning of NANA Regional Corporation.

SBA issues final rules on 8(a) ushers in new generation for successful program

The Small Business Administration (SBA) issued new rules that significantly changes the Native 8(a) program, addresses criticisms raised by the media and some members of Congress and improves transparency.

Chairman Young holds first subcommittee oversight hearing

Washington, DC – The House Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs, chaired by Alaskan Congressman Don Young, held its first oversight hearing this morning on the effectiveness of federal spending on Native American programs, and on the President’s FY 2012 budget request for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians. Testimony was presented by Larry EchoHawk, Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs and Ray A. Joseph, Principal Deputy Special Trustee for American Indians.

First annual Utukkuu Snow Golf Challenge FUNdraiser for Aqqaluk Trust

Score a hole in one to help provide scholarships and Alaska Native Language Preservation. Have fun while helping others. Have you ever played golf in the snow or tried your luck at tossing a harpoon hole-in-one? Now is your chance.

'Whale' of an impact: estimates credit 1,300 jobs, $16.5 million to film

ANCHORAGE – An economic analysis released today by the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation estimates the production of “Everybody Loves Whales” had a $16.5 million impact on the Alaska economy. The report also credits the film with employing more than 1,300 Alaskans.

Qivliq announces appointment of Chief Administrative Officer

Qivliq (Kiv-lik) LLC, a management services company that develops and supports a diverse portfolio of companies servicing Federal and commercial customers, has announced the appointment of Matthew Jesinsky as Chief Administrative Officer.

NANA's business leadership recognized by national Native American business center

The NANA Development Corporation located in Anchorage, Alaska will be the recipient of the Corporate Advocate of the Year for its unwavering support of goals of NANA stakeholders through the promotion of business development and investment in the future of Alaskan Natives. This year marks the first time in the history of the Reservation Economic Summit a Native corporation is the recipient of the Corporate Advocate of the Year.

Native 8(a): keep it going

Would you punish your child for bringing home a good report card? Hardly. Yet, that is the thinking behind the latest Washington assault on Native 8(a) contracting, a federal small business development program. This is one government program that actually works as it was intended, delivering value to taxpayers, critical services to our country and opportunities for some of the poorest people in our nation.

NANA distributes $1.2M to elder shareholders

The NANA Elders' Settlement Trust issued $2,000 apiece to the Native regional corporation's 618 elder shareholders on Feb. 4, according to written statements from the company. The total amount of money distributed was $1.2 million.

Native groups respond to SBA 8(a) regulations

Three of the nation’s leading Native American organizations today expressed collective concern over new regulations by the Small Business Administration (SBA) that could significantly impact Native Enterprise participation in the 8(a) Business Development Program and restrict benefits to distressed Native communities. Native groups issuing joint reaction to the SBA’s regulations include the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED) and the Native American Contractors Association (NACA).

Maude Blair, NANA employee featured in 40 under 40

The Alaska Journal of Commerce is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2011 Top Forty Under 40 awards. The Top Forty Under 40 honors Alaska's leaders who have shown excellence in their professions and their communities, and who are under the age of 40.

NANA first private employer to fund RURAL CAP's Energy Wise

In response to the energy crisis in northwest Alaska, NANA Regional Corporation, Inc.‘s (NANA) board of directors approved NANA’s participation in an exciting new partnership with the Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Inc. (RurAL CAP) to deliver RurAL CAP’s Energy Wise program to NANA communities in 2011. RurAL CAP’s Energy Wise Program helps rural Alaskans save money on energy bills, while creating local jobs.

Lights, camera, Alaska!

Reality television struck gold in Alaska long ago, but a package of film tax credits passed in 2008 has the state ready to take its act to the big screen.

ProPublica misleads readers on ANC subcontracting

According to the Native American Contractors Association (NACA), ProPublica once again dismissed all objectivity in a January 27, 2011 story on Alaska Native Corporations (ANC) that uses flawed methodology and unverified data sources to draw unreliable conclusions regarding ANC subcontracting statistics resulting from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Begich assigned to homeland security committee

U.S. Sen. Mark Begich has been named to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Military Affairs to oversee Alaska Aerospace

The state-owned company that operates the Kodiak Launch Complex (KLC) is getting a new place in the state bureaucracy in order to facilitate deals with military clients.

Alaska resource exports hit $3.8 billion through October

Gov. Sean Parnell pegged the total value of Alaska exports during those 10 months at $3.8 billion.

NANA Shareholder Development hosts IT open house

NANA shareholders to learn about high demand, high pay industry

Natives team with software maker in language project

The North Slope Borough and Rosetta Stone software company plan to unveil a program this spring specially designed to teach the North Slope Inupiaq dialect, using the photos and voices of Inupiaq people recorded in Barrow.

One Company, Two Worlds: The Case for Alaska Native Corporations

In light of the recent uproar about participation by Alaska Native Corporations in the 8(a) Small Business Development Program, this Note examines the criticisms of such participation and identifies these criticisms’ shortcomings, which the Note argues result from a narrow understanding of ANCs and the 8(a) program. Instead, the Note makes the case for a more holistic understanding of ANC participation in the 8(a) program. Thinking of ANCs in this broader way provides a more useful framework for analyzing and evaluating proposed reforms to the program.

Truestone vice president contributes to health information exchange

Truestone, LLC, announced today that its Vice President of Federal Civilian Services, John Sankovich, contributed to "Health Information Exchanges: Missing Pieces," an article addressing technical issues in the storage, sharing, and use of digitized medical records. In December, the article was posted on Information Week Analytics.

Alaska Native Corporations

One of the top priorities of Old Harbor Native Corp. and other Alaska Native corporations (ANCs) continues to be the 8(a) program and our ability to continue to rely on this in the future because it brings money from the Lower 48 states to help fund Alaska Native social programs in Alaska, whether it's for health, education or providing dividends, which all are very helpful to Alaska Natives.

NANA Elders' Settlement Trust Announces 2011 Distribution

The Trustees of the NANA Elders’ Settlement Trust voted to issue a $2,000 per Elder distribution in 2011. The Trust was established by NANA in 2008 to provide a modest, yet needed, special distribution to NANA shareholders who are 65 years of age or older. This distribution was the result of a contribution from NANA Regional Corporation, Inc. (NANA) which was approved by its board of directors on November 18, 2010.

Alaska Native Corporations show benefits from 8(a) Contracting

Alaska Native corporations say the bill attacks Alaska Native Corporations and their shareholders, Alaska Native tribal peoples.

ANCs strive to bring jobs to villages

Board meetings can be boring, but one topic always livens up the room at NANA Regional Corp. — job opportunities for shareholders.

NANA Distributes 2010 Shareholder Dividend

NANA Regional Corporation, Inc. distributed a $14 per share dividend today, Nov. 12, 2010, to shareholders of record as of Nov. 1, 2010. The total dividend distribution to NANA’s more than 12,000 Iñupiaq shareholders will be approximately $20 million.

NANA President Helvi Sandvik wins award

The 2010 William A. Egan Outstanding Alaskan of the Year is Helvi Sandvik, President of NANA Development Corporation. Helvi is an Alaska native businessperson who has dedicated her career to serving Alaska. Early in her career, she worked for the State of Alaska to bring quality transportation services to critical areas of the state. For the past 15 years, she has worked for NANA building a corporation that now produces revenues of more than $1.3 billion and employs 3,500 people in Alaska and 5,500 outside the state, serving the oil, mining, hospitality, government and engineering sectors.

Despite questions over ANCs, many pay out millions in dividends, scholarships

Now, dozens of Alaska native corporations, benefiting from extraordinary rules that allow them to receive contracts of any size from the federal government without competition, collectively channel millions each back into the communities each year.

Our view: Suicide in Alaska

The numbers are grim. Alaska continues to suffer suicide rates much higher than the national average -- in the period 1996-2004, the overall Alaska rate ran as much as 80 percent higher than the U.S. average. In the same period, the rate for Alaska Natives was spiked at almost 500 percent higher than the U.S. average. Read more:

NANA Development Corporation and Evergreen Films Announce Strategic Partnership

NANA Development Corporation (NDC) and Evergreen Films announced a strategic partnership agreement today at the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce meeting. The investment positions NANA at the forefront of this emerging economic opportunity in Alaska and allows Evergreen Films to invest further in locally produced film and television projects.

Pentagon abandons insourcing efforts

Ted Stevens dies at 86

Ted Stevens, the former United States senator who was killed Monday night in a plane crash at the age of 86, helped shape modern Alaska with federal laws and billions in federal dollars.

SAVA awarded an IDIQ from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency

SAVA Workforce Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of enterprise IT and mission support services for the Defense, Law Enforcement and Intelligence communities, has been selected to enhance the quality of video teleconferencing (VTC) capabilities for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).

Guard members join in Alaska village health initiative

More than 70 Coast Guard, Army National Guard, Air National Guard and U.S. Public Health Services personnel traveling in Alaska’s rural regions to provide medical, dental and veterinary care.

NANA Development Partners with Lockheed Martin for Critical GMD Missle Defense Contract

NANA Development Companies to Provide Logistics, Engineering and Supply Support

Obama assigns Arctic science policy to White House

President Obama has moved arctic science policy oversight to a White House council, according to a news release from the U.S. Arctic Research Commission.

Researchers trying to find best way to hold down road dust

Residents on Hazel Avenue near Knik might have noticed a few peculiar things happening on their road last week: steel gadgets on tripods mounted beside the road, scientists with clipboards gathering data and a four-wheeler with a strange contraption attached to it running up and down the road for several hours.

Doing small business on larger scale

There was no limit to the amount of help or advice a Small Business Administration 8(a) company could get in downtown Anchorage on June 22-23 while the National 8(a) Association held its 2010 National conference at the Marriott Hotel.

SAVA Awarded GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract

SAVA Workforce Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of enterprise IT and mission support services for the defense, law enforcement and intelligence communities, has been awarded a five-year Information Technology Schedule 70 contract by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).

Senator wants administration to pick up the pace on sole-source rule

The chairwoman of a Senate oversight subcommittee is frustrated by slow implementation of an eight-month-old law that requires closer scrutiny of noncompetitive contracts.

NANA Oilfield Services Company Opens New Facility on North Slope

NANA celebrates the new NOSI Operations Center with the opening of its bay doors to the Arctic breeze, Friday, June 18. NOSI is a distributor of jet A and B aviation fuel, diesel, heating fuels and gasoline. The company also delivers drilling fluids and potable water to camps all over the North Slope.

NANA Mourns the Loss of Lester Hadley, Sr.

Updated Native 8(a) Works Web site unveiled

Teck proceeds with development at Red Dog

Red Dog mine has shelved its tentative plans to shut down its operations — for now.

Northwest Arctic Borough schools benefit from co-op program

Only eight years after the Shaktoolik girls basketball team marched all the way to the state championship game, the Lady Wolverines faced extinction because they didn't have enough players to field a team.

WHPacific makes it on Oregon’s Top 10 Starts list-twice

Fairbanks News-Miner editorial on expansion at Red Dog Mine

The company that operates the Red Dog Mine said last week it will open a new pit next to the one it has mined since 1989. That’s good news for not only northwest Alaska but also the entire state. Without the Aqqaluk deposit, Red Dog’s remarkable run as one of the world’s largest zinc mines will be over within a year or two.

NANA's Announcement on Red Dog Mine

NANA Regional Corporation has released a new press release on the latest developments at the Red Dog Mine.

Teck's Announcement on Aqqaluk Deposit

Teck's announcement on the latest developments at Red Dog Mine

Defense will consult Alaska Native Corp’s on 8(a) contract rules

Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs) will be consulted during the development and implementation of new rules affecting Alaska Native 8(a) and Native American defense contracting, U.S. Sen. Mark Begich announced after receiving assurance from Department of Defense (DOD) officials in Washington today.

Kotzebue confers about mining

Communities, residents and businesses from the Arctic gathered in Kotzebue April 13-15 at the National Park Service Heritage Center to discuss mining.

SAVA Awarded Army Force Generation Logistics and Asset Management Contract From Army Materiel Command

SAVA Workforce Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of enterprise IT and mission support services for the Defense, Law Enforcement and Intelligence communities, has been selected to provide executive-level consulting services in logistics and asset management for the Army Materiel Command. The contract also includes lifecycle and supply chain management, shipping and receiving, maintenance, repairs, spares, mobilization, demobilization, depot management, fleet management, asset management and tracking.

Tim Bradner on Red Dog Mine Permit

It's May, the month Teck Alaska said it must decide whether to start shutting down production at the big Red Dog mine in Northwest Alaska.

Alaska's mine production values may increase in 2010

State officials anticipate the value of production by Alaska's mining industry will increase this year, thanks to stable base metal prices and increasing precious metal prices.

DOD will Consult Alaska Native Corps on 8(a) Contract Rules

Begich secures commitment in meeting with top contracting official

Sen Murkowski Asks Defense Sec. Gates to Consult with AK Natives

Sens. Murkowski and Inhofe Ask Defense Secretary Gates to Consult with Alaska Natives and Indian Tribes on 8(a) Contracting Issue

NANA Development President Profiled

All the years she was growing up, Helvi Sandvik, '86, and her family spent summers in the village of Kiana, on Alaska's Kobuk River, and the school year in Glenview, Ill., a Chicago suburb. She became an adult with feet planted solidly in both worlds, as the Anchorage-based CEO of a major Alaska corporation with close ties to her family's rural background.

Red Dog Mine good for Alaska

NANA has been the only sustaining economic driver for our village corporation during the years when we needed cash flow. NANA pays other regional corporations 62 percent of their revenues.

NANA Provides Job Training/Employment for Shareholders

New skills and on-the-job training; that is what more than 90 Alaska Native Corporation shareholders, predominately from the NANA Region, will receive this week. It is part of a partnership between NANA Development Corporation and Turner Industries; a Baton Rouge based industrial maintenance/turnaround/construction company.

Truestone helps link in Marshall Islands and Micronesia

The Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia have finally acquired optical fibre connectivity to the rest of the world.

Support Red Dog

Iliamna Natives Ltd. would like to applaud NANA/Red Dog Mine for helping our rural community, Iliamna, with the shares of the 7(i) and 7(j) funding received by our village. Red Dog should be recognized and thanked for their hard work and commitment to share the benefits received from resource extraction and mining.

Red Dog-Truly a World Class Mine

The Red Dog zinc mine, owned by NANA Regional Corp. and mined by Teck, has been operating for more than 20 years in the Delong Mountains of northwest Alaska.

NANA Shareholders Elect 2010 Board

NANA Regional Corporation, Inc. held its 2010 Annual Meeting of NANA Shareholders in Buckland, Alaska on Monday, March 15, 2010.

NMS one of top minority-owned businesses

For the second consecutive year, NANA Management Services has been recognized as one of the top minority-owned businesses in the country by in its annual "Top 500 Diversity Owned Businesses in the U.S."

Utukkuu Challenge Raises $9000 for Aqqaluk trust

First Annual Snow Golf Challenge a success

Red Dog delays threaten Inupiaq future

My Inupiaq family has lived in the northwest Arctic for generations. I am a NANA shareholder and I am employed by Teck Alaska at Red Dog zinc and lead mine.

Utukkuu Snow Golf Challenge

Score a hole in one to help provide scholarships and Alaska Native Language Preservation

NANA Shareholder Career Fair

Job training, apprenticeships and educational opportunities open for exploration