Featured Project: Drilling

Project: Drilling
Company: Tuuq Drilling, LLC
Challenge: Provide environmentally-sensitive drilling operations at Red Dog Mine, the largest zinc mine in the world.
Client: Teck, Inc.

A portable drillTuuq Drilling, LLC was established to provide drilling services to Red Dog Mine and in the NANA region. Tuuq builds on the joint venture relationships of NANA Dynatec and NANA/Major. Tuuq owns and operates a fleet of new drills with automated rod handling systems; this new equipment provides higher drilling output with improved safety features. These drills can be operated in skid mount or helicopter portable configurations.

Tuuq Drilling has a firm foundation. It continues a three-decade history of NANA businesses at Red Dog Mine, and creates solid financial returns with dependable employment opportunities for its shareholders and employees.