Featured Projects: Tamarack Resort, Idaho

Project: Tamarack Resort, Idaho
Company: WHPacific
Challenge: Provide civil and structural engineering including project designs, refinements, and guideline development, as well as landscape architectural services for Tamarack Resort.
Client: Tamarack Resort, LLC

Tamarack Resort, IdahoTamarack Resort the resort lies on approximately 3,600 acres of private and state-owned property in a premium location boasting key recreational elements—a world-class ski mountain, a shimmering lake, superb trails for mountain biking and close-in scenic hiking, and an ideal golf meadow. The resort’s master plan includes approximately 2,000 units of housing, and skiing and snowboarding on a mountain with a 2,800-foot continuous vertical drop.  Project elements completed thus far include the conceptual and final designs of roadways including two roundabouts, preliminary and final design of seven bridges including three stream crossings, two ski-overs and two ski-unders, retaining walls, and the development of a construction sequencing plan.