E-News Bulletin, April 2009

Vol. 3 No. 10 — April 24, 2009

Guest Perspective: Practical Progress

By Dave Springgate, VP of Strategy and Chief Administration Officer
NANA Development Corporation

Dave SpringgateStan Fleming's article in last month’s edition of the NDC E-News centered on the need to focus on business improvement during this period of global recession. Based on both the economy and Stan’s message, it seemed timely to expand on the topic by discussing how NANA is refining and automating a standard set of primary business processes using the enterprise resource planning (“ERP”) system through our purchase of Deltek Costpoint.


NANA made the decision to invest in Deltek in the spring of 2005 to provide more efficient processing of customer order, procurement, inventory, fixed asset, depreciation, aging and asset retirement, human resources and financial reporting management systems. Deltek is a powerful tool and has the potential to dramatically streamline our business practices and assist NANA personal in capturing more business opportunities. All of our businesses will benefit from good business controls, well defined procedures, efficient processes and a fully implemented ERP solution.

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This is Where I Work Contest Winner:
Why I Love My Work with NANA

By Terrance Brown, FAIA, Senior Architect
WHPacific, Inc.

New Mexico State University Native American Cultural CenterWorking for NANA Development Corporation has provided me with the greatest opportunity to inform the public, students, and the design community about the social responsibilities of architecture and improve societal issues in the built environment. As a result of this support from NANA, my lifetime work which began with rural indigenous people in Central America and now continues in North America, improves the quality of life for thousands of Native Americans and Central American Mayan people, as well as under-served communities throughought the Western Hemisphere.

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Generating Possibilities: Alternative Energy in the NANA Region

By Jay Hermanson, Program Manager
WHPacific, Inc.

Wind farm in Kotzebue, AlaskaThe State of Alaska Legislative Budget & Audit committee recently approved 77 recommended projects in round one of the Renewable Energy Fund process. Approximately $16.5 million has been approved for projects in the NANA Region representing 16.5 percent of the total available funding.

“This is an incredible opportunity to reduce in-region energy costs and for NANA companies to develop industry leadership in the alternative energies market,” said Jay Hermanson, the WHPacific program manager who helped to spearhead the efforts to acquire the funding. “These projects will also provide opportunities for village economic development by potentially reducing the cost of power and creating jobs.

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NANA Development Corporation Launches New Web site

NANA Development Corporation launched a new Web site today at www.nana-dev.com

“We built the site to assist us in telling the NANA story,” said Robin Kornfield, NANA vice president, Communications & Marketing. “We operate in a good cross-section of industries and have distinct lines of business. It is our hope that this site helps our companies better communicate the origins of our company, the depth and breadth of our service, and the financial stability of our organization.”

NANA Development Corporation’s site is now live to the general public.


Cylde W. Gooden, Vice President Business Development


For the last seven years, NANA Development Corporation has attended the Reservation Economic Summit (RES) hosted by the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED). RES09 offered our companies serving indigenous clients an additional means to foster development between the NANA family of companies and other Native American organizations and businesses.

Working in the Tribal sector hasn’t always been easy for NANA. I recall one of our first attempts to partner with a tribal organization in the lower 48; after an hour presentation a tribal elder stood up and said, “We do not trust ourselves, what makes you think we could trust you.”

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Not Your Average Annual Meeting

By Shelly Wozniak, Public Relations Manager
NANA Development Corporation

Two Girls Look at the SunsetI suspected when I was told to put on all my winter gear “just in case” in the Bering Air terminal, that I was not headed to any run-of-the-mill corporate annual meeting. That suspicion was confirmed when I spied the small, too cozy, aircraft that awaited us on the tarmac; its tiny propeller ready to begin whirring. The pilot, donned in black Carhartt overalls and wearing a fur cap, greeted us as we boarded the flight and told us the survival gear was loaded in the front of the plane.

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