Ikun , LLC

Established in 2006, Ikun is focused on serving the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and Federal Law Enforcement communities with comprehensive Strategy & Operations, Information Technology & Cyber Security, Materiel Management & Logistics, and Domestic Operations Center capabilities. Easily scalable to any size project, Ikun’s experience and core competency depth enables us to collaborate with our customers at a strategic level and manage all facets associated with their most complex and demanding mission requirements—anywhere in the world.


Strategy & Operations
We have the analytical skills, technologies, applications and proven practices that minimize risk and help optimize all decision types—whether they're made by individuals or are deeply embedded in frameworks or automated systems.

Information Technology & Cyber Security
Ikun brings a robust array of IT and cyber security services that enable organizations to continually optimize enterprise operations, keep workflow in sync, drive cost reduction and enhance information sharing without the fear of fear of inappropriate information revelation or unauthorized access and use.

Materiel Management & Logistics
Materiel Management and Logistics are the bonds that hold your supply chain together. Ikun strengthens these bonds by providing a superior and seamless chain of services that minimize risk, streamline workflow, lower costs and add business value at every critical point of your operations.

Domestic Operations Centers 
America's domestic operations centers are the critical governance structures that enable the secure collaboration between federal, state, local and tribal agencies and organizations. Ikun personnel are at the vanguard of designing, outfitting, staffing and operating America's most critically important domestic operations centers.


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