All Shareholder Success Stories

Shareholder Success! Tuuqpaq


Lisa Tuuqpaq Akerelrea. Her parents are Pearl Arey and Max Todhunter. Lisa was raised in Anchorage. Lisa went through the Paralegal Internship Program and is currently a Paralegal I for NANA Development Corporation.

“I’ve grown as a person as well as professionally. This program has been the vehicle to helping me complete my bachelor’s degree. In addition, I’ve learned many values like working as a team, putting in hard work to meet goals and looking past my own biases to achieve a greater objective. But one of the best parts of this program is that I am able to contribute and give back to NANA using these qualities that I have learned from the program.”

Shareholder Success! Utraq


Eric Utraq Billingsley. His parents are Deb and Jim Billingsley. Eric was born in Texas and grew up in Eagle River. He was named after his great-grandfather Jack Jones from Kotzebue. Eric attended the Project Management class and the Applied Leadership seminar. Over the last eight years he has worked in IT, Treasury, Operations, managed NOSI, and is currently Director of Operations for NDC.

“NANA has continuously provided me opportunities to develop. Whether that has been through PMP training, Applied leadership or other provided training. The company has worked and assisted me in obtaining my degree while I work.”

Shareholder Success! Aviññaq


Lucy Aviññaq Boyd is from Buckland where she grew up “on the knee” and listening to the stories of NANA from her grandfather, Lester Hadley Sr., who helped raise her. She earned her degree in Accounting & Alaska Native Studies and then joined NANA – supporting business development at NDC, then as Executive Assistant to the CEO of WHP. She is now the Sales Operations Manager for NANA Pacific.

“With the stewardship and guidance of executives like Stan Fleming, I’ve been able to receive executive development training and learn from top executives at Fortune 500 companies, other Native organizations, and entrepreneurs from around the US. I’ve learned that there is a careful balance required in order for us to move forward and grow while holding on to our Inupiat Ilitqusiat values. As I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the US sharing our NANA story, I am always prayerful that the work we do in the subsidiary companies has a positive impact on our NANA mission.”

Shareholder Success! Anugaaq


Brian Anugaaq Cerney. Brian’s parents are Thomas and Mabel Cerney. Brian grew up in Eagle River. Brian attended the new driller helper and advanced driller training at ATC and is now working his 3rd season for Tuuq.

“I attended the drillers helper course and also the advanced drillers helper course at Alaska Technical Center. This class helped me out by showing me what I’ll be in store for and what to expect out in the field. This job is a hands on job if you like that sort of thing. The job is great and pays well and spectacular views. Work hard so you can play harder!”

Shareholder Success! Sagraq


Percy Sagraq Clark. Percy’s parents are Judy Clark and Jeffrey Ramon. Percy is from Selawik. Percy attended the AutoCAD training class in March at Alaska Technical Center.

“I learned how to create digital structures that will help me in creating blueprints for construction. It was fun learning another computer program.”

Shareholder Success! Tuñaanuqtaq


Tena Tuñaanuqtaq Dancing. Her parents are Arlene (Beltz) Bierman and the late Bill Stevens. She was born in Fairbanks and raised in Kotzebue. Tena started as an Operator and is currently their Main Loader Operator.

“Paa River has assisted me in obtaining skills critical to furthering my career such as finished products and knowledge in all aspects from start to finish. They have coached me and given me work that has challenged me and now I am competent and confident in equipment I was not previously fully experienced in. I am appreciative of the extra time and effort they have given me to become a competent employee and an asset to the company.”

Shareholder Success! Siñiqsraq


Kally Siñiqsraq Greene-Gudmundson. Her parents are Cathlynn Greene and Bud Gudmundson and her grandparents are Obbie and Linda Greene and Tom and Helen Bolen. Kally is originally from Kotzebue. Kally is currently a college intern in the Communications and Marketing Department.

“NANA has helped build not only my professional skills and personal skills, but has also helped expose me to my culture. I’ve learned so much not only about the business aspects behind NANA but also what it means to be an Alaska Native – more so a NANA shareholder in the professional world.”

Shareholder Success! Ikaaq


Lawrence Ikaaq Jones II. Ikaaq’s parents are Larry and Velma Jones. Larry is originally from Noatak. Ikaaq is currently being trained as a heavy duty mechanic at NANA Lynden.

“Finding mechanics is difficult today so it’s beneficial for us to have a training program like this so we can grow the workforce we need. It’s great to have Lawrence and we’re hoping he’ll enjoy his career at NANA Lynden as he’s developing into a heavy duty diesel mechanic.” — Jim Stamper, Manager

Shareholder Success! Ayupsaq


Megan Ayupsaq Jones. Her mother is Thelma Coffin and her stepfather is Bruce Coffin and her father is the late Floyd Douglas. Megan is originally from Selawik and was named after her aana Lila Jones. Megan was a college intern and recently promoted to an Accountant.

“The career roadmap has helped me to set my career goals after I graduated college and it has also helped me plan the next steps to advance in my chosen field which is to further my education and strengthen my career opportunities. Having Jennifer as a mentor has allowed me to envision my career possibilities and also to recognize that furthering my education beyond a bachelors degree would be advantageous in the workplace.”

Shareholder Success! Qularuq


Gilbert “Jay” Qularuq Kennedy III. Jay is originally from Kotzebue. Gilbert’s mother’s name is Virginia Kennedy. Jay graduated from AVTEC’s Welding program and was hired by GIS. He is now a certified welder.

“ I got called to go to Louisiana for a job at GIS, I took it without hesitation. As I got there I found out I would be placed into a Fab shop starting out as a helper, this helped out big time. I needed a place to start welding and sometimes later, I became one. I’ve been here for 4 going on 5 years working in the oilfield of South Louisiana, I’ve been working with Journeymen fitters/welders in the shop or on road jobs along the way. I learned some other occupations too, like forklift operation and hydro technician along the way. They helped me out through this oil drop. Just a Northern from Alaska working in Southern Louisiana.”

Shareholder Success! Mammiyauk


Dawn Mammiyauk Kimberlin. Dawn’s parents are Barbara Richards and Ray Kimberlin. Her grandparents are the late Tommy Richards, Sr. and Dorothy Richards from Kotzebue. Dawn was named after her great-aana Mamie Reich from Kotzebue. Dawn started with NMS as a Director of Marketing in the Lodging Division in 2009. She has developed her career since then and is now the Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

“As a NANA shareholder-employee, I have a responsibility to do a really good job. I set high standards for myself, and I expect others to do the same. Nothing should ever be taken for granted. At NMS, I encourage the young people I work with to get excited about what’s in front of them. This is especially true when working with shareholders. When a good opportunity is presented to you, you should always say yes. It may be difficult, at first, and it may put you out of your comfort zone, but that’s how you’re going to grow.”

Shareholder Success! Utauyuk


Cathleen Utauyuk Mala. Her parents are Harvey and Vernita Vestal. Cathleen was born and raised in Anchorage. Cathleen has served as an HR Business Partner and Director of Employee Relations prior to her promotion to Operations Manager.

“I have been fortunate to have several opportunities for training and development with NANA over the course of my career, ranging from formal training or mentoring programs to more informal on-the-job training. Most recently I was given the opportunity to transition from my extensive background in Human Resources into an Operations role with several of our contracts on the North Slope. The goal is to allow me to gain leadership experience that will further my career advancement opportunities, while also making me a more well-rounded professional to better support NANA’s continued success.”

Shareholder Success! Aumatchiaq


Jonathon Aumatchiaq Morris. Jonathon’s mother is Liisia Morris and his grandparents are Walter and Minnie Morris. Jonathon grew up between Anchorage and Noorvik. Jonathon was one of the shareholders trained as a survey technician and was recently promoted as a Project Coordinator.

“There are a few types of training that I’ve encountered working here at WHPacific. There is the formal training and research via the computer and reference manuals. Then there is spot training, or mentoring I receive from managers – I found, when you show a strong desire to learn and take on more responsibilities, people are very willing to teach you what they know. I also see my day-to-day work as training by learning from my successes and mistakes. I take the time to think about why things went well or why problems occurred to understand how I can improve.”

Shareholder Success! Nakauruq


Lenora Nakauruq Moses. Her parents are Edward Ward Sr. & Ada Ward (Gregg). Lenora is originally from Kotzebue. Lenora worked as a front desk clerk at the Courtyard and entered into a Career Roadmap for two years and is now the General Manager of Residence Inn.

“The internship was by far the best learning experience I’ve ever had. It’s difficult for me to describe how grateful I am for the opportunity. I have learned from the best in NMS/Marriott Hotels. Everyone I’ve worked with has left such an indelible mark on what I do today, every experience was a moment to learn. Even during challenging times, I learned the importance of keeping your eye on your goal. What I accomplished on difficult days shaped how I handled things in the future. I love this business and I love the people, and when I was given this opportunity I was absolutely thrilled. ”

Shareholder Success! Kuuġnaaluk


Brad Kuuġnaaluk Osborne. Brad is the grandson of Evelyn Reich Conwell and the son of Marie Conwell Osborne from Kotzebue. Brad grew up in many places in the US and settled in Valdez and then Anchorage. Brad had over 16 years with NANA with a career path that included financial analysis and economic trending, contract and compliance analysis, accounting, division controller and lastly President of NOSI. While Brad is no longer an employee with NANA, he continues to be the President of NOSI under Saltchuk’s ownership – a further step in Brad’s continuing development beyond NANA.

“As a shareholder working for NANA, I’ve learned that we have a special responsibility. We are family. I’ve learned it is good to be out of your comfort zone – it means you’re growing. Also, it’s important to remain positive, especially when facing setbacks.”

Shareholder Success! Qapuk


Jesstin Qapuk Patterson. Jesstin’s parents are Richard and Dolly Patterson. Jesstin was born in Kotzebue and raised in Barrow. He was named after his aana, Maryann Mendenhall of Kotzebue. Jesstin is currently an intern for NANA WorleyParsons and will be graduating from UAF with his Petroleum Engineering and Math degree in December 2016.

“Learning is an opportunity to strengthen the brain, never stop and reap the endless reward of success! It’s been positive influence being surrounded by and introduced to such a wonderful think tank of minds. Working for NANA WorleyParsons most definitely rings near and dear to my heart as I completely agree with bettering the lives of our people and I certainly feel I have the opportunity to do so working for a company like this.”

Shareholder Success! Natchiqnaqti


Arthur Natchiqnaqti Prentice III. Arthur was raised in Anchorage. His parents are Maria DeBruin (Miller) and the late Arthur Prentice. His grandparents are the late George Miller of Kotzebue and Lena Koenig of Point Lay. Arthur is being developed in the culinary field at NMS. He started as a pot washer and is currently a Baker at Red Dog.

“I’m learning everything I can from my fellow coworkers. I am always teaching and coaching new and old employees to teach them what I have learned on my way up to my current position. My goal is to become a Chef or General Manager of NMS. I practice and believe in the NMS Core Values.”

Shareholder Success! Eglurak


Stan Elgurak Ratcliff Jr. Stan is the son of Stan Ratcliff Sr. and Elsie Curtis. Stan grew up in Palmer. Stan started as an IT Intern with WHPacific. Since joining NDC in 2009, Stan has advanced from a Service Desk Technician to a Systems Architect. He is certified in many IT technologies and supports critical business systems for NDC, Akima, and WHPacific.

“The training, mentoring and professional development that NANA has provided over the years have allowed me to step into many different roles with the necessary skills to succeed. The pace is fast and the job is challenging but the teamwork makes this opportunity one that is very rewarding. Don’t let opportunities pass you by, there are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

Shareholder Success! Anausuk


Janelle Anausuk Sharp. Janelle’s parents are Suzanne Sharp (maiden name Mendehall) of Kotzebue and Timothy Sharp of Missouri. Janelle was a Chemistry college intern at WHPacific and is now employed as an Environmental Technician at WHPacific.

“The knowledge I gained from my internships with WHPacific, Inc. set me up for immediate employment after graduation from college. As I reached the upper level courses of my degree program (Chemistry) I was able to interpret and analyze data for remediation projects and therefor contribute to ongoing cleanup efforts. I work with incredible mentors who give guidance in professionalism and who have given me opportunities to take ownership of projects that will further my career in the environmental industry.”

Shareholder Success! Sailaq


Dana Sailaq Tuimalealiifano. Dana is originally from Selawik and was named after the late Emma Norton of Selawik. Dana attended the Applied Leadership training and is currently the Director of HR Operations & Compliance for NANA Development Corporation.

“The week long training was intensive and a real game changer for me. I learned valuable skills that I am utilizing daily. Through the various assessments and facilitated group sessions I learned to be aware of my natural leadership characteristics. Being aware helped me to realize where I need to grow and where I need to develop. I learned that the leader’s awareness of energy preferences can dramatically increase communication and performance on a team. This is critical – I have seen that this awareness has impacted the team that I am on now. I am naturally very quiet but with awareness I know that there are times when I need to extend myself to meet the needs of the team.”