Shareholder Success

NANA’s mission is to improve the quality of life for our people. Since 2014, NANA Development Corporation (NDC) has provided over 228 opportunities to help achieve this mission through training, employment and development opportunities for NANA shareholders. Development has been focused in these areas:


Shareholder Success Stories

Shareholder Success! Nakauruq


Lenora Nakauruq Moses. Her parents are Edward Ward Sr. & Ada Ward (Gregg). Lenora is originally from Kotzebue. Lenora worked as a front desk clerk at the Courtyard and entered into a Career Roadmap for two years and is now the General Manager of Residence Inn..

“The internship was by far the best learning experience I’ve ever had. It’s difficult for me to describe how grateful I am for the opportunity. I have learned from the best in NMS/Marriott Hotels. Everyone I’ve worked with has left such an indelible mark on what I do today, every experience was a moment to learn. Even during challenging times, I learned the importance of keeping your eye on your goal. What I accomplished on difficult days shaped how I handled things in the future. I love this business and I love the people, and when I was given this opportunity I was absolutely thrilled.”

Shareholder Success! Kuuġnaaluk


Brad Kuuġnaaluk Osborne. Brad is the grandson of Evelyn Reich Conwell and the son of Marie Conwell Osborne from Kotzebue. Brad grew up in many places in the US and settled in Valdez and then Anchorage. Brad had over 16 years with NANA with a career path that included financial analysis and economic trending, contract and compliance analysis, accounting, division controller and lastly President of NOSI. While Brad is no longer an employee with NANA, he continues to be the President of NOSI under Saltchuk’s ownership – a further step in Brad’s continuing development beyond NANA.

“As a shareholder working for NANA, I’ve learned that we have a special responsibility. We are family. I’ve learned it is good to be out of your comfort zone – it means you’re growing. Also, it’s important to remain positive, especially when facing setbacks.”

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