Shareholder Success

NANA’s mission is to improve the quality of life for our people. Since 2014, NANA Development Corporation (NDC) has provided over 228 opportunities to help achieve this mission through training, employment and development opportunities for NANA shareholders. Development has been focused in these areas:


Shareholder Success Stories

Shareholder Success! Sailaq


Dana Sailaq Tuimalealiifano. Dana is originally from Selawik and was named after the late Emma Norton of Selawik. Dana attended the Applied Leadership training and is currently the Director of Total Rewards and Compensation for NANA Development Corporation.

“The week long training was intensive and a real game changer for me. I learned valuable skills that I am utilizing daily. Through the various assessments and facilitated group sessions I learned to be aware of my natural leadership characteristics. Being aware helped me to realize where I need to grow and where I need to develop. I learned that the leader’s awareness of energy preferences can dramatically increase communication and performance on a team. This is critical – I have seen that this awareness has impacted the team that I am on now. I am naturally very quiet but with awareness I know that there are times when I need to extend myself to meet the needs of the team.”

Shareholder Success! Tuuqpaq


Lisa Tuuqpaq Akerelrea. Her parents are Pearl Arey and Max Todhunter. Lisa was raised in Anchorage. Lisa went through the Paralegal Internship Program and is currently a Paralegal I for NANA Development Corporation.

“I’ve grown as a person as well as professionally. This program has been the vehicle to helping me complete my bachelor’s degree. In addition, I’ve learned many values like working as a team, putting in hard work to meet goals and looking past my own biases to achieve a greater objective. But one of the best parts of this program is that I am able to contribute and give back to NANA using these qualities that I have learned from the program.”

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