Shareholder Employment

Job Opportunities

In FY2010, NANA companies and partners employed 1,320 shareholders resulting in over $47.9 million in wages paid to NANA shareholders. NANA has the reputation among Alaska Native Corporations, as the company that offers significant opportunities for shareholders who work either directly for NANA companies, or for our business partners providing services at Red Dog Mine, on the North Slope and in the Government Contract arena. The success NANA has seen results from agreements between NANA and its partners and subsidiaries stipulating that the subsidiary will develop a shareholder development plan and that NANA shareholders will have hiring priority over other equally qualified candidates.  We continue to work to improve our information about shareholder interests.



NANA’s goal is to become a shareholder-managed corporation. To continue this business philosophy, special programs are in place to help shareholders enhance their job skills, knowledge and abilities. NANA internship programs offer shareholders the opportunity to gain marketable experience that can later be used to grow NANA companies.

Internships provide a bridge from the classroom to the working world, varying in length and the number of hours worked. There are many benefits that come from participating in an internship program. You gain valuable experience in a specific industry by learning on-the-job. You receive supervised on-the-job training, learn new job skills, and are able to network to gain contacts, and most of the time, you are paid for learning.

NANA has been providing internships to shareholders for many years. The programs vary by year and by company

Business and Career Fair

Many of NANA’s businesses and non-NANA companies gather each year in Kotzebue and Anchorage for a Career Fair. The fair is usually held in the spring in order to help our companies increase their staff for the busy summer season. There are typically over 40 booths with participants from NANA’s companies, post-secondary institutions, NANA region organizations, NANA’s partners and many more.