1959  Alaska enters statehood.

1962  Howard Rock, an Iñupiaq from Point Hope, started a newspaper, the Tundra Times, as a means of reporting goals of Native organizations and a source of information about Native issues.

1966  Alaska Federation of Natives formed in October 1966, when more than 400 Alaska Natives representing 17 Natives organizations gathered for a three-day conference to address the Alaska Native aboriginal land claims.

William L. (Willie) Iġġiaġruk Hensley wrote a paper, “What Rights to Land Have the Alaska Native,” for a graduate-level class in constitutional law taught by Judge Jay Rabinowitz at the University of Alaska.

Northwest Alaska Native Association (the precursor to NANA) was founded to help Iñupiat from northwest Alaska settle the Native land claims issues in Alaska.  This non-profit organization became an advocate for Native issues, including health, housing and political rights.

1968  Oil was discovered in Prudhoe Bay on the North Slope.

1970  Kotzebue bush pilot, Bob Baker, noticed rust in a creek. He named the creek after his red dog.

1971  Congress passed the Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). The bill promised 44 million acres of land and roughly $1 billion to Alaska Natives.

1972  With the passage of ANCSA, a for-profit Native corporation was established. This was named NANA Regional Corporation, Inc. (NRC). To avoid confusion, the non-profit Northwest Alaska Native Association was named Mauneluk, and was later renamed Maniilaq, the Iñupiaq spelling. Alaska Natives from northwest Alaska who were born before December 18, 1971 were made shareholders of the new corporation.

Robert Aqqaluk Newlin, Sr., from Noorvik, was elected NANA’s first Chairman of the Board.
John Schaeffer, Jr., became the first Executive Director of NANA Regional Corporation, Inc. The position title was later changed to President.

1974   NANA held its first annual shareholders’ meeting on April 17,1974, led by Chairman Robert Newlin, Sr.

NANA Development Corporation (NDC) was formed as the business arm of NANA. William L. (Willie) Hensley was named President of NANA Development Corporation.

NANA Security Systems was formed to provide security services for the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline.  The name was later changed to Purcell Security, which is now a division of NANA Management Services, LLC.

1975  NANA Oilfield Services, Inc. began support work on the North Slope.

NANA built the Nullaġvik Hotel in Kotzebue. Nullaġvik in Iñupiaq means, “a place to stay.”

NANA Commercial Catering began providing remote camp food and housing, a service that continues today as part of NANA Management Services.

NANA owned 11 businesses, from construction, hotels and apartments, to fuel sales, catering, security services and reindeer herding. For the first time, NANA earned a net profit:  $476,800.

1976  Ten of the 11 ANCSA villages corporations in the NANA region voted to merge with NANA. Kotzebue chose to remain as its own village corporation, Kikiktagruk Iñupiat Corporation (KIC).

Iñupiat Ił̣itqusiat program was started. Ił̣itqusiat means “those things that make us who we are,” which to the Iñupiat mean our language, our values, our traditions, and our ways of being. It is an effort and a movement shared by NANA, the Northwest Arctic Borough, the school district, Maniilaq Association and the IRA Council.

1977  The Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline was completed.

1978  NANA paid its first dividend to shareholders: 50 cents per share.

1980  NANA selected a 120 square-mile block of land underlying the Red Dog Mine area.
Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) becomes law. ANILCA put over 12 million acres into national parks and preserves.

1982  NANA signed an operating agreement with Canadian mining company, Cominco, to develop and operate the Red Dog Mine.

Camp Sivuunniiġvik was started to help Elders pass the Iñupiaq culture – language, values and skills – to younger generations. Sivunniiġvik means “the planning place.”

1989  Robert Aqqaluk Newlin, Sr. passed away. For 17 years he had steered NANA to become both a successful business and a guardian of our culture.

Christina Westlake succeeded Robert as the chairman of the board. Westlake, from Kiana, served on the NANA board from 1976-1996.

The Robert Aqqaluk Newlin, Sr. Memorial Trust was founded by NANA, in part to provide shareholders with scholarships for university and vocational school training. The Aqqaluk Trust is a public foundation created to preserve and enhance the Iñupiat way of life and to contribute to the success of Iñupiat people.

Red Dog Mine production began. In its first year of production Red Dog Mine yielded 258,550 tons of zinc and 94,421 tons of lead.

1990 Roswell L. Schaeffer, Sr., from Kotzebue, is named President of NANA Regional Corporation. Ross Schaeffer served as President from 1990-1992.

1991 NANA shareholders voted to issue shares to eligible shareholder descendants born after December 18, 1971.

1992  Charlie Curtis, originally from Kiana, is named President of NANA Regional Corporation.  He served as President from 1992-2001, focusing on helping NANA to grow by diversifying its businesses.

1995  NANA began to pursue business opportunities with the federal government.
Red Dog Mine becomes the world’s largest producer of zinc concentrate.

1996  DOWL formed a joint-venture partnership with NDC (which later became DOWL HKM) to provide civil engineering and related services in rural Alaska.

The percentage of NANA shareholders employed at Red Dog Mine reached 55%.

Don Sheldon succeeded Christina Westlake as NANA’s chairman of the board, only the third person in 28 years to hold that post.

1997  The NANA/Marriott Joint Venture constructed the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel.

NANA Colt Engineering, LLC was created to provide engineering services to Alaska’s oil and gas industry.

Charlie Curtis, NANA’s president at that time, set a goal for NANA to become a billion dollar revenue company.

NANA Management Service was formed, consolidating these companies:  Purcell Security, NANA/Marriott, NANA Corporate Services, and NANA’s hotel division.

NANA partnered with Canadian engineering firm, Colt, to create NANA/Colt Engineering, LLC. In 2008, the company was renamed NANA WorleyParsons, LLC.

1998 NANA hit its goal of $5 million earnings, two years ahead of its targeted schedule.

1999  Helvi K. Sandvik is named as President of NANA Development Corporation. Originally from the village of Kiana, Helvi served as Vice President of Operations for NDC, and as Vice President of Resources for NRC. As President, Helvi oversees the management of all subsidiary companies.

2000  NANA Oilfield Services, Inc. celebrates 25 years of serving the North Slope.

2002 Marie Kasaŋnaaluk Greene is named President of NANA Regional Corporation. Originally from the village of Deering, Marie served as Vice President and Chief Administration Officer of NANA.  She had also served as Executive Director of the Aqqaluk Trust, a private foundation founded by NANA to preserve and enhance the Iñupiat way of life and to contribute to the success of Iñupiat people.

2003 Akima, LLC, was formed under NDC to promote the needs of our growing federal clients. It is now a holding company for:  Akima Construction Services, LLC; Akima Facilities Management, LLC; Akima Infrastructure Services, LLC; Akima Intra-Data, LLC; Akima Logistics Services, LLC; Akima Technical Solutions, LLC; Akima Global Services, LLC; Ki, LLC; Pegasus Aviation Services, LLC; and Wolverine Services, LLC.

Qivliq, LLC, was formed under NDC to further provide for the needs of our growing federal clients. It is now a holding company for Affigent, LLC; Cazador, LLC; Five Rivers Services, LLC; Nakuuruq Solutions, LLC; Portico Services, LLC; Sava Solutions, LLC; Synteras, LLC; TKC Global, LLC; Truestone, LLC; Truestone Communications, LLC; and Qivliq Commercial Group.

2005 NDC acquired Anchorage engineering firm, ASCG, Inc.  The name was changed in 2007 to WHPacific, which is now the largest native-owned architecture and design company.

2006 Akmaaq, LLC, was formed under NDC to further meet the needs of our growing federal clients. It was a holding company for Ikun, LLC; Kisaq, LLC; NANA Services, LLC; NANA Pacific, LLC; and Sivuniq, LLC;

2007  NANA paid its shareholders the largest dividend in its history:  $15 per share.
NANA partners with Rosetta Stone, the leading language learning company, to produce an interactive Iñupiaq CD-ROM in the coastal dialect.  Knowledge of language is one of our guiding Iñupiaq values.

NANA Regional Corporation celebrated 35 years of doing business for its shareholders.

2008   NANA Development Corporation operated 48 companies located in 47 states and in several international locations;  9300 people worked for NANA.

NANA established the Elder’s Settlement Trust, a special dividend for our Elders to help alleviate some of the financial pressures involved with the cost of living in the NANA region.

2010   NANA ventured into Alaska’s film industry by partnering with Evergreen Films, Inc.

NANA created Tuuq Drilling, LLC, a Red Dog Mine support service company.

2011    NANA created two companies: Piksik, LLC, a film support service company and NIQI, LLC a food distribution company.

NANA purchased Grand Isle Shipyard, Inc. (GIS), a Louisiana-based oil and gas support company.

NANA employs 12,000 highly-qualified individuals across the globe.

The new Nullaġvik Hotel opens in Kotzebue, Alaska. The new hotel was designed, engineered, constructed and managed through a collaboration of NANA companies. It was also a large investment in continuing to bring jobs and economic and tourism opportunities to the region.