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NANA Development Corporation

Corporate Headquarters

909 West 9th Avenue
Anchorage, AK 99501
P (907) 265-4100
P (800) 478-2000 (Toll Free in AK)
P (888) 626-2122 (Toll Free outside AK)
F (907) 265-4123
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Media Inquiries

Blythe Campbell
Director of Communications and Marketing
Contact Blythe for more information.
P (907) 265-4332

Additional media information
can be found at News & Press

Industry Business Development Contacts

Oil & Gas

Joe Mathis
Vice President of External Affairs
Contact Joe for more information.
(907) 265-4112


Harry Harvey
Operations Planning Director
Contact Harry for more information.
(907) 265-4136


Bill Tandeske
Contact Bill for more information.
(907) 273-4297

Facilities Management

Derrell Webb
Contact Derrell for more information.
(907) 263-1731

Federal Contracting

Dave Turner
Vice President of Corporate Development (Akima)
Federal Contracting
Contact Dave for more information.
(703) 766-6607


Clyde W. Gooden
Vice President
Business Development
Contact Clyde for more information.
(907) 265-4125

Sector Leaders


Bill Monet
Contact Bill for more information.
(703) 766-6805


David Márquez 
Contact David for more information.
(907) 265-41747

Oil & Gas

David Márquez 
Contact David for more information.
(907) 265-4147