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Tuuq Drilling

Tuuq Drilling was established to provide core drilling services to the mining industry, starting at Red Dog Mine in the NANA region. We deliver innovative drilling solutions in extreme conditions like those found in the Arctic.



Doing Business For 10,000 Years


As an Alaska Native Corporation, NANA has a direct positive impact on the lives of the more than 13,000 Iñupiat of northwest Alaska who own our company. Learn More »

Where Is NANA?


NANA business services extend from the Arctic Circle to Australia, across the continental United States, to the Middle East and the South Pacific.

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NANA's Culture of Safety

NANA’s commitment to safety is rooted in our core values.

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Q & A with Clarence Snyder

I was raised by my grandparents, Cora and Jack Pungalik. We didn’t have much money. It was mostly a subsistence lifestyle. We were raised to eat what we had: dried fish, white fish, any kind of fish. I got tired of fish. Now, I love to fish (fly fish), but I don’t like to eat it. Living in the city, we’re privileged.

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